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A very merry crazy christmas

25 Dec

Bangkok's impression of Rudolf the Reindeer

Christmas in Bangkok is not quite the same as a Belgian one. No white xmas with the 32° here, but I got my teeth whitened instead. I treated myself to lots of presents, by going on a ‘shop-till-u-drop’ excursion in the wholesale mall. I dropped (my baht) big time! (I left with one bag, but will return with 3 suitcases…)

  • Luckily I bumped into some ‘family’ (well, some guys part of the family, as they say) to welcome baby jesus in a very happy & merry mood.

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Xmas at the beach

12 Dec

Strange to have Xmas on the beach 30°

In my (limited) head, christmas will always be associated with christmas trees, snow (if we’re lucky) and a wooden fire roaring in the fire place, sipping on some gluewein (hot mulled wine).

Not here in Boracay paradise beach though. Besides the fact that there are no christmas trees (firs, conifers) growing in tropical climates, the sweltering temperatures and a beach doesn’t really go together with Xmas in my head either.

So what does Xmas look like in the Philippines then?

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Punny Pinoy things

8 Dec

Dangerous life at the beach

The Philippines are weird or ‘punny’ (as they don’t have the letter F in Tagalog). At first you think that it is a nice mix between Asia, Spain & the US (familiar elements) but the longer you stay the more unfamiliar funny things you come accross. The Pinoy definitely speak a special language – and it’s not English (even though many say the Pinoys are good at English). They must mean they’re excelling in Phinglish or Tagalish ;-)

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