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Protected: No poor people please (xs)

5 Mar

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Protected: The paper battle for a Visa (xs)

19 Feb

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Cambodia Full Speed

31 Dec
New Year's Eve dinner

New Year's Eve dinner

I was only in Thailand on my way to Cambodia really. I was going to meet up with a Norwegian friend of mine – a bit the reason of the whole trip. We met in Thailand 5 years ago and had such a great time that we said that we should travel together again. And since he was scheduled to do Xmas and New Year in Cambodia, I set out to join him for part of his travels.

So after only one happening day and night of crazy Bangkok, I made my way back to the huge new airport. I had booked myself onto Air Asia – the Ryanair or EasyJet of Asia. For a few dozens of Euros you can fly around the whole of South East Asia – but like the cheap carriers in Europe, don’t expect anything more than a ‘flying bus’ (no food, no reading, no service, no nothing).

Forget about cake - it is sticky rice with mango here!

Forget about cake - it is sticky rice with mango here!

I didn’t really know how much time it would take to check in at the airport (having prejudice about Asian systems probably) so I arrived almost two hours before my flight – way too long time. So I went for a snack: eating sticky rice with fresh mango – forget about the cakes this is what Asian tea time is like! And because of that I almost missed my flight, which was completely down the other side of the airport – which I crossed in super speed (thinking I was missing my flight) in a few minutes only…

When arriving in Cambodia, Continue reading

What’s wrong with this World?

4 Dec
Bangkok airport - Hm ;-/

Bangkok airport - Hm ;-/

Trying to go on a world trip can be challenging, not only because of all the preparation needed, but also because strange things happen…

  • June-October 08: Thailand and Cambodia start haggling again over a disputed border left unclear by the French colonialists – it’s the Preah Vihear temple that lies on a hill straddling both countries – military is sent in – just my luck as I need to travel between both countries
  • 8 October 08: the Icelandic bank system collapses. No big deal, except that I have all my savings in Kaupthing bank – including the money I need to go and travel…
  • 24 November 08: Citibank is laying off thousands of employees, there is big uncertainty about their financial position and future. Great, I just asked for a Visa card from Citibank to have cash in Asia… Continue reading

Travel-prep is a full time job

30 Oct

Guidebooks, Passport & Visas

If you think that going on an Asia trip is pure leisure and relaxation, you are WRONG. As soon as I had booked my ticket, it dawned to me that it involves lots of hard work! I all of a sudden realised that I had to do quite some planning and (the most difficult part) deciding.
  • Info: I didn’t have a clue where to go and what to do.
  • So I started ordering all kinds of guidebooks (LP South East Asia on a shoestring), phrasebooks (in case English is not as widely spread as I would like) and country guides (Culture Smart, Culture Shock books). Another thing is to find time to read those books…
  • I also hooked up with friends that have been to South-East Asia to pick their ideas, and then have lots of pages full of ideas, on top of hundreds of pages of guidebooks. (Thanx to you all) Continue reading