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Protected: The paper battle for a Visa (xs)

19 Feb

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Return on travel Investment

27 Dec

Traveling to gain money

Having forked out about 750 € for all my flights (Brussels-Bangkok-Manila-Boracay-Phnom Penh and back), I would need to play things clever financially, to get most out of that initial investment. So in order to break even I’d have to buy things that would be at least 750€ cheaper than back home…

  • With success (of course ;-)
  • I earned 2500€ by going one month on holidays!

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Where is Tony – Asia trip 2

27 Dec

Recovering big time, from 2 days traveling, or was it from an operation?

Just in case you wanna keep track of my wherabouts:

Abu Dhabi, more boo than be bi

27 Nov

Here we fly - Etihad Airways

It was the first time I flew Etihad Airways (national carrier of United Arab Emirates). I didn’t have a lot of ‘stereotypes’ about the Middle East, except the oil sheiks, and indeed it seemed that’s the people the airline caters for… One group of people they are less welcoming for are gay people though…

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Time is catching up with me

24 Apr
Bye Bye Bali ;-(

Bye Bye Bali ;-(

I just loved our time in Bali – not so difficult when staying in luxurious villas and chilling out in lounge bars – or eating yummy and cheap food on the road side. So it was very tempting to stay another few days, and I did. But then when I finally started thinking to move on, I had a look at the flight I had booked out of Indonesia AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE IN 4 DAYS. So I had to evacuate in a rush to Java. Continue reading

The Effect of Asia on a Westerner

27 Mar
Probably not all Asians are like this

Probably not all Asians are like this

So are you ready for gross generalizations? This post gives a little insight of what could happen to a Western traveler when hanging around (South East) Asia too long (or maybe for a short time as well ;-) Asia does strange things with your body and soul – and maybe those things are not so bad after all – they just help you put things in perspective and appreciate the ‘differentness’… (see also ‘the only white guy’ post)

It messes around with your mind

No, I’m not going crazy – I could survive here in South East Asia for a long time easily, but nevertheless being far away from home makes you think… (that’s also part of the reason to come here) Continue reading

Evacuation from Vietnam

15 Feb
Vietnam Airlines - planes from before the war...

Vietnam Airlines - planes from before the war...

I squeezed as much I could out of my Vietnam trip, and out of the time with my ex. But to all stories comes an end. My goodbye-honeymoon came to an end at the same time as my visa for Vietnam: 15th February. Valentine I spent together with my ex (not quite as expected: VIPs can read more here) so the 15th was the last day I could spend in Vietnam, with the Laos border closing at 17h. I had to get there at all cost – and indeed I had to fork out some money to get where I wanted to get – but got a lovely ride through the mountains in return for it – and a not so lovely ride into Laos … Continue reading