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A very merry crazy christmas

25 Dec

Bangkok's impression of Rudolf the Reindeer

Christmas in Bangkok is not quite the same as a Belgian one. No white xmas with the 32° here, but I got my teeth whitened instead. I treated myself to lots of presents, by going on a ‘shop-till-u-drop’ excursion in the wholesale mall. I dropped (my baht) big time! (I left with one bag, but will return with 3 suitcases…)

  • Luckily I bumped into some ‘family’ (well, some guys part of the family, as they say) to welcome baby jesus in a very happy & merry mood.

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Bali gay life found us

22 Apr
Bali Big Brands - Fake

Bali Big Brands - Fake

Our days were filled with lazing around at the pool of our Villa, having a look at the shops around Seminyak (with all the copies of Louis Vuiton, Prada, Armani, Diesel and all other brands I’d never buy), and eventually finding the beach. So what do we do at night? Right, taking some steps into the gay life (if any). We didn’t come prepared with maps and addresses, but that turned out not to be necessary. When we started looking for the gay life on the island, we didn’t find it – it’s the gay life that actually found us!

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I have teeth again!

11 Apr
Proudly presenting my new teeth - the white front molars

Proudly presenting my new teeth - the white front molars

Finally in Bangkok I could go to the dentist – after having lived with half teeth, temporary fillings and toothpicks (to get all the food rests out) for over 3 months.

40000 Baht (1000€) later, 2 appointments and 3 hours with my mouth wide open later – I now have 2 perfect new smooth and slick teeth – and a big hole with stitches where once a wisdom tooth used to be.

Medical tourism is a new concept for me. I had bumped into the occasional guy that had his teeth done in Hungary in the olden days, but it never crossed my mind to leave the comfortable Belgian nest for health care. Continue reading

Protected: Health Report – week 1

8 Jan

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