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Protected: Precision poo’ing and peeing (xs)

28 Sep

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Singapore Super Organised

3 May
A busstop - so now it's clear where to go, no?

A busstop - so now it's clear where to go, no?

Singapore has a diarrhea of signs – that’s a fact. I already explained you the long list of restrictions at the border (read here), but also in town there are signs for everything: where to stand, where not, how to cross the street, the names of a bridge, etc. And everything is numbered, even the urinals in the mall. Should you offend against any of these rules, the sign mostly indicates the amount you’ll have to pay.

  • Many pictures of Singapore signs here

There was even a sign indicating a government building with a gunman shooting, warning that any trespassers would be shot. I didn’t dare to take a picture of that sign though… Call me a chicken… Continue reading

Time is catching up with me

24 Apr
Bye Bye Bali ;-(

Bye Bye Bali ;-(

I just loved our time in Bali – not so difficult when staying in luxurious villas and chilling out in lounge bars – or eating yummy and cheap food on the road side. So it was very tempting to stay another few days, and I did. But then when I finally started thinking to move on, I had a look at the flight I had booked out of Indonesia AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE IN 4 DAYS. So I had to evacuate in a rush to Java. Continue reading

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