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How much luxury do you want?

17 Feb

Annora Bali - Flower petals on arrival

I had the pleasure to travel with a good friend of mine, who for one reason or another finds his way to luxury… I just follow. But during this (and previous) trips I had the chance to stay in some quite special places – unaffordable in Belgium, but quite accessible here (even for a self-employed copywriter who just finished his last contract) – Pics below. Continue reading

New Year – Viet or Chinese Style

3 Feb
Happy year of the Cat - 2011

Happy year of the Cat - 2011

Don’t get in a fight now – it doesn’t really matter. Some call it Chinese New Year, some call it Vietnamese ‘Tet’.  Fact is that 3 February is new year on ‘this side’ of the globe. The Vietnamese celebrate the year of the cat, which for strange reasons, in the Chinese world it is the year of the rabbit. (something got lost in translation?) – pics below.

However, both of the new years involve lots of kitchy decorations, sporting either rabbits or kitties for 2011. Red envelopes are present everywhere, in the New Year trees (who said only christians decorated pagan trees ;-), in your pocket (if all goes well) and you should make sure red envelopes make it to the pockets of your relatives and friends. In a tourist city, like Siem Reap, where life never stops to vibrate, all of a sudden shops close (tough luck for the tourists) and bus prices double. Continue reading

Temple forgotten and found back

29 Jan

Jungle likes temple ;-) Me too

How much temples can one digest? I had seen a fair bit of Angkor Wat temples on my previous trip, so now it was time to see the more ‘special ones’ (like the Million bottle Temple). I went to see the Bang Malea jungle temple some 75 km from Siem Reap (pics below).

    Think twice before venturing out too far too pee: mines!

  • PS careful when you take a p-p-break along the road – some areas still haven’t been cleared of mines (see sign ;-)

Bang Mealea is a temple that was long lost and forgotten and it had completely fallen to ruins. The jungle nevertheless adopted the ruins and trees grew upon the ancient buildings. As it is far away from Siem Reap (1,5 hours by tuk tuk), it is relatively peaceful and quiet, set amidst de shady greenery. Visiting the temple actually involves climbing over the rubble and ducking under the doorways – I assume, completely in line with health and safety regulations (yeah, right). Continue reading

What to do if the neighbours have a wedding?

28 Jan

The Wedding Tent (I want one like that!)

Hm, what is the ‘interculturally sensitive’ action when the neighbour of your Cambodian guesthouse gets married: meaning 120 decibel (very) Khmer music starting at 5am during 2 days, to attract the good spirits…?

  • tell them spirits don’t exist
  • put in ear plugs (to reduce the 120 Db to 80)
  • write down (as they wouldn’t hear you with the noise) that maybe 50 decibel would also be enough to attract the good luck?
  • act out (as they wouldn’t hear you with the noise) that 100 Db damages your ears
  • give them a few of your favourite mp3 to add to the mix
  • go join the party
  • any other suggestions?

Pictures of the wedding below Continue reading

Good old Cambodia

21 Dec

Warm Welcome - more than I could handle

I had booked a week in Cambodia to go back in time and re-live good old memories, meeting up with great friends, visiting the familiar places and soak up on the same smile-provoking surreal experiences as before (e.g. drag shows, temple visits, funny food, etc). So there’s nothing really much to report about my stay in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap this time round (but still some nice pics below).

  • It’s like a mesmerising goodbye to my year of travels – ending as I started it…
  • Cambodia is such a damn pleasant place to be (if you ignore some details here and there).

Continue reading

Happy Massage in Siem Reap

11 Mar

Golden Banana - my favourite

It was with mixed feelings that I was leaving Laos… Lao PDR (Please Don’t Rush) had a very calming effect on me. Life is simply slow here – no reasons (or even possibility) to rush (as you are limited and dependent on the one or two buses or boats a day anyway) – so it is the place to chill and go with the flow. But on the other hand there was Siem Reap waiting for me – and I knew Siem Reap – and it is a great place. I already had booked myself into my ‘usual spot’: the Golden Banana B&B, and they even kept my favourite room for me in the tower bungalow (3 levels above each other – so you are a bit away from the main paths…). And I discovered the wonders of Khmer massage – mmm.

It was quite a process in my head to Continue reading

The Golden Banana Experience

6 Jan

Blogging at the pool...

Blogging at the pool

The ‘Golden Banana’ is a guesthouse in Siem Reap. It was recommended to me by my Norwegian friend who swears by it (except they are often fully booked – but thanks to ‘recession’ this time round they weren’t). It consists of different parts; the ‘Resort’ for the fancy people (but that looks gorgeous!); the ‘boutique hotel’ for the middle class, and the ‘Bed & Breakfast’ for people like me.

The B&B is composed of Continue reading

My new love: sunset

6 Jan
Sun setting over Tonle Sap lake

Sun setting over Tonle Sap lake

I was a bit wary of traveling on my own after hanging out with a whole bunch of people all the time in Phnom Penh. But the first day I arrived in Siem Reap, who do I meet? – the Belgian guys from Brussels whom I met at the Killing Fields (small world) so we went for coffee and cake – such a small world. And besides that, who should be alone in the time and age of internet… I also met up with a guy I got to know on internet. Always good to go accompanied (or maybe I don’t like to be alone, or maybe I don’t like myself, or I don’t like the sound of silence… Something to think about).

This Cambodian friend of mine Continue reading

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