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A very merry crazy christmas

25 Dec

Bangkok's impression of Rudolf the Reindeer

Christmas in Bangkok is not quite the same as a Belgian one. No white xmas with the 32° here, but I got my teeth whitened instead. I treated myself to lots of presents, by going on a ‘shop-till-u-drop’ excursion in the wholesale mall. I dropped (my baht) big time! (I left with one bag, but will return with 3 suitcases…)

  • Luckily I bumped into some ‘family’ (well, some guys part of the family, as they say) to welcome baby jesus in a very happy & merry mood.

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Following my own traces

20 May
Fancy room in Bangkok

Fancy room in Bangkok

I am living a big deja vue at the moment, going back the places in Thailand where I was recently (or a few years ago), doing the same things… Some of the things being just as nice as I remembered them, some startlingly different, some nicer and some a nightmare. Memory plays tricks with people.

At the iResidence in BKK I went swimming again in the rooftop swimming pool, despite the rain, mmm, so nice. But then they close the pool for maintenance exactly the days we are there. We had a complimentary minibar when I was there last, but ‘sorry sir, we have changed our policy’ – so why am I paying even more than last time for even less service? ‘But we give you 2 complimentary bottles of water, sir…’ Continue reading

Bangkok Interchange Station

17 May
Bye bye Malaysia - Hello Thailand

Bye bye Malaysia - Hello Thailand

Bangkok seems to be a central point in South East Asia and in my trip around the region: cheap flights, good connections, lovely shopping, exciting nightlife, efficient infrastructure, great people,… It’s like an interchange station between different parts of my trip, between nature and back to civilization, between luxury and back to basics, between shopping mall’s food courts and street food.

This time round, I tried something different and traveled overland, by train, and almost lost my luggage in the process. I took the night train to Bangkok from Butterworth (North Malaysia, in front of Penang island), which set me back 105 Ringit but saved me a night in a hotel. It was also 22 hours of rambling route and forced relaxation, finally having some time to read the brick of a book that I am carrying with me already for a month or two.
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Venturing out into Bali Countryside

21 Apr
Typical Ubud street - with those Balinese sticks everywhere

Typical Ubud street - with those Balinese sticks everywhere

Even though our Villa was very comfortable, and we even found the beach once we figured out that it is actually a garden next to the beach, we did go and explore the countryside of Bali. We rented a motorbike (with all its complications – and being stopped by the police), and set off on our explorations.

The inner island is if possible even more quaint and beautiful than the areas along the beaches, where we were staying. We visited Ubud, which has probably just as many tourists as the sea-side but it was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busy beach roads.

  • The best way to share with you the look and feel of Balinese countryside culture, is to upload the pictures – many below.

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Been in Bangkok too long

9 Apr
Ever dated a Diva?

Ever dated a Diva?

You know you have been in Bangkok (or Asia) too long, if …

  • If you go to the disco and actually know more than 5 people there…

Maybe the gay world is (too) small (and promiscuous?)… I went out to THE gay place to dance in Bangkok: DJ Station – and bumped into more people than I wanted to… Continue reading

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