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Let’s all go to Phi Phi Island

10 Feb
Follow the masses into boats, islands and snorkling

Follow the masses into boats, islands and snorkling

What does one do when one is in Phuket. Well, some would go to all the girly or boy bars. Well, we didn’t. We went on another kind of tour, which is just as much advertised on the corner of each street: a boat trip to Phi Phi Island (Ko Phi Phi).

Already when arriving at Phuket airport, the tourist hunters try to trick you in all kind of different ways into tours, packages, accommodation, services and what not (yep, probably also those). Continue reading


Office with sea view

6 Dec

My office on the beach

I completely forgot that it was Saint-Nicolas’ day today (the saint that brings children presents, in Belgium at least). And he also had a present in his sack for me: my first freelance copywriter assignment. So I had to set up my office on Boracay beach. Easier said than done. There were some local sunny challenges to deal with.

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