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Conferencitis – wows and woes

14 Apr

Fancy people at fancy conferences

One of the nice things of working in a European resource centre is the business trips. You get to see new destinations (with a bit of luck) and new people, which makes working a little bit less ‘work’.

Since SALTO Inclusion is working for the next 2 years on Unemployment, I was invited to the youth conference of the Spanish EU presidency, which had as central theme: Youth and Work. And I had a chance to discover Jerez de la Frontera – yep, the place where the Jerez (Sherry) comes from.

  • The ideas were super, the practice sometimes a little less.
  • Or how every conference coin has two sides…
  • And getting back was even more of a challenge (read here)

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Struggling with work

3 Apr

A more relaxed way of working

One of the conclusions of my Asia trip(s) and of the job coaching sessions I did, was to take another step in my professional life (and hopefully the developments on the personal level would follow). I thought to take things easier, work less, enjoy life more.

Something is missing…

17 Jan

Deadline is 31 January 2010 – so if you or a colleague/friend know something about social in/exclusion, international youth work and organisational skills to organise seminars, meetings, websites, PR,… DO APPLY.

something is missing in my office...

SALTO Inclusion colleague wanted

10 Dec

Looking to replace the 2 SALTO Inclusion girls

2010 will be the year of change for me. I’ll be back at work for SALTO Inclusion (besides occasional freelancing on the beach, I hope) AND we’re looking for a new SALTO Inclusion colleague (full time, starting March 2010):

  • someone with experience and vision on Social In/Exclusion and operational skills to run training courses, meetings, a website, PR & communication.

In return you get an exciting international job, making a difference for young people that need it most. You will be working in Brussels (at the heart of the EU) but there are lots of opportunities to travel and a competitive salary for Belgian standards.

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Saying Goodbye started…

23 Nov
Goodbye colleagues...

Goodbye colleagues...

Already at the Training & Cooperation meeting end of October, the saying goodbye started. As we had launched a call for a new Miss or Mister SALTO Inclusion for 2009, of course all colleagues of the Youth in Action programme knew that I was leaving for a year.

It was the most funny thing to hear myself explaining the same story 50 times: take a break, travel to Asia, now or never, 2 and a half months, normally i come back to SALTO the 1st of January 2010,… More and more I started realising that 2 months for Thailand > Cambodia > Vietnam > Laos > Malaysia > Singapore > Philippines would not be enough. So I’ll probably extend the ticket…

And then we just had the SALTO meeting in Corsica, where my closest colleagues were present and where the real goodbye started. This would probably be the last time  Continue reading

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