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22 Sep

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Rainbow Disco Fauna

26 Aug
The amazing & amuzing disco fauna & flora

The amazing & amuzing disco fauna & flora

It’s more fun than watching television. The show is live and unpredictable. And you don’t even pay for it (besides the entrance fee). Yep, I went to a (gay) disco again after being absent from the party world for a long long time (what’s even more: I went in Antwerp and once again when I was in Poland). It does require some sacrifice, because it doesn’t start till 2am, but once the guys get going, there’s no end to the amazement & amusement. Till the lights go on at 6am, which turns this fairy tale into harsh reality.

  • PS If you have a categorisation of the Gay world (fun or serious) I would be happy to read about it – Add it in the comments below?

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KL shopping paradise

29 Apr
How many square miles of mall one needs???

How many square miles of mall one needs???

So when I asked people, what they would do on their free day in KL (Kuala Lumpur) many of them said they would spend some time in the mall. Hmm – very consumerist I thought, but then they explained that it would be too hot to be outside – so that explains the mall-phenomena in KL I suppose. An outside shopping street would simply not attract any visitors when the sun’s out. And THE shopping streets that are outside (e.g. Chinatown’s Petaling Street or the Little India Bazar) they are covered with roofs or shades to keep the sun out, and every second shop keeper has a fan running in his stall.

Local food, fancy style in the malls: blue rice

Local food, fancy style in the malls: blue rice

So I gave it a try and headed for the newest of the newest malls in Bukit Bintang shopping Mekka. I can’t even remember its name, because taking pictures is forbidden (at least where the guard sees it – so I only took some snaps when the guard wasn’t looking).

Eating is also an easy affair, with on every corner of the street hawker stalls with local specialities – and when I say local I mean: Indian, Malay, Chinese, Arab and some street burgers… Continue reading

Crossing People’s Paths

31 Mar
New Year in Phnom Penh

New Year in Phnom Penh

It is mind blowing the variety of people that you meet while traveling. It’s often in moments when I’m most down or sick and tired of traveling that I tend to bump into lovely or intriguing people… as if someone up there feels for me and sends some company around.

A little overview of the magnificent people I met:

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