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Xmas at the beach

12 Dec

Strange to have Xmas on the beach 30°

In my (limited) head, christmas will always be associated with christmas trees, snow (if we’re lucky) and a wooden fire roaring in the fire place, sipping on some gluewein (hot mulled wine).

Not here in Boracay paradise beach though. Besides the fact that there are no christmas trees (firs, conifers) growing in tropical climates, the sweltering temperatures and a beach doesn’t really go together with Xmas in my head either.

So what does Xmas look like in the Philippines then?

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Protected: Help I Am Getting Older

14 May

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Goodbye party for real

21 Dec
Lychee wine for sweet goodbyes...

Lychee wine for sweet goodbyes...

I’ve never really been such a long time away from ‘home’ (wherever that is) as for this Asia trip. In my head I extended the planned 2 months and a half already to 4 or 5 months… So this calls for some serious ‘Goodbye Saying’. I already waved my SALTO colleagues goodbye at the Corsica meeting in November and I toasted with some Asian lychee wine with the colleagues in the office.

But the friends are the ones I’ll miss most of all. So I decided to throw a decent B-party (combining my ByeBye with my Birthday, as I did not have time to celebrate it before). I threw a little invitation-stone in the water, and ripples waved over the water. I started to invite the Brussels gang I use to hang out with, but also the friends from the village whom I see far too rarely. And then some Asia lovers from badminton, and the group we did the BGS show with, and some people who gave me travel tips, and my favourite (ex)colleagues, and… and… till I realised that my appartment, and especially my head and heart would be too full to say goodbye to more people.

Huray, I got my ticket to Asia !!

17 Oct

Tony Traveling Asia

I still had a few Lufthansa miles to spend and decided to start my sabbatical year (2009) in splendor. I booked the tickets with miles so ‘virtually’ for free – except the airport taxes…. which was more than 400€ – so far for free tickets!!So here are the plans so far:

  • December: a B-Party (Bye Bye & Birthday Party)
  • 28 December: Brussels > Bangkok
  • 30 December: Bangkok > Phnom Penh
  • New year in Cambodia with a Norwegian friend
  • A little tour through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and back to Thailand
  • Maybe an excursion to Malaysia and/or Singapore
  • 28 February: Bangkok > Manilla
  • 16 March: Manilla > Brussels

If you have any travel suggestions (eg off the beaten track, some alternative sights, curiosities, personal highlights,…) please do let me know. (the main things to see & do I’ll find in a guide book).

The tickets are flexible, so it could be that i’ll stay longer, or that I come home earlier if I miss you too much ;-)

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