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A happy new (y)ear

7 Jan

This whole turban to cover 3 little stitches...

On 7th of January my ear was finally repatriated to the place where it should be ;-)

The operation lasted only 20 minutes and 3 stitches. Righty is very happy with it’s twin brother Lefty’s good recovery.

So that’s a happy new (y)ear for me in 2010!

Pictures below

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My kingdom for a shit!

24 Nov

If only I could do that...

Having an appendicitis operation is one thing, getting back to normal life (or back home) is another. Actually the most painful is not the little hole in your tummy, but rather learning to walk, sleep and to eat again… And I won’t mention the most difficult of all: learning to shit again (forgive my French).
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From food poisoning to appendicitis

22 Nov

The ideal solution for a few extra holidays

Anything to stay longer in the sun, although… It started with food poisoning but a few days later it turned out to be appendicitis. A good way to test the European Health Care system, and get a few extra days under the sun from the insurance. Even though my departure to Asia is coming closer more quickly than I’d physically manage…
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