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Bargaining at the doctor’s

16 Feb

The result of all the bargaining... Health (let's hope)

Even though the volcanic hot springs were heaven – judging from the Indonesian angels splashing around in the water ;-) the baths did not turn out as healthy as they proclaimed to be. By the time we arrived in Seminyak, my ear was twitching and hurting. Nothing that a short visit to our local doctor can’t fix – even though that also involved some negotiation and bargaining skills… with the doctor and the nurse! Continue reading

Routine Pilipino Style

29 Jul

So I had the chance to visit my little angel again in Boracay. Four weeks down in the Pilipinas, on the paradise island. But what should I be doing all this time? After one week a comfortable routine slowly installed itself:

The view from my Boracay office for the coming weeks

The view from my Boracay office for the coming weeks

6am – wake up ceremony

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Roaming around the Arctic Circle

21 Jan

Fairy tale wooden houses

Opportunities lie in small places, for example in Tromsø, a few hundred km North of the Arctic Circle, where i went to visit some friends I’d known for 6 hours before… They live in a Norwegian fairy-tale world, with wooden houses, trolls and fjords. It’s not only cold there, but also dark – except for all the lights. It’s like living in a christmas tree. An expensive one, because I felt like a poor 3rd world boy when i saw all the prices…

Return on travel Investment

27 Dec

Traveling to gain money

Having forked out about 750 € for all my flights (Brussels-Bangkok-Manila-Boracay-Phnom Penh and back), I would need to play things clever financially, to get most out of that initial investment. So in order to break even I’d have to buy things that would be at least 750€ cheaper than back home…

  • With success (of course ;-)
  • I earned 2500€ by going one month on holidays!

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Protected: New job: professional guinea pig (xs)

15 Sep

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Buying new clothes to sell my soul

24 Aug
The crusade to conquer the labour market

The crusade to conquer the labour market

The CV distillation process and copywriter tricks in the motivation letters I sent off were successful as I got a job interview only a week after launching myself on the labour market. Great to get a job interview – but then it all of a sudden dawns to me that I don’t have any job interview clothes! RED ALERT – this was a matter of utmost importance and I summoned all my gay friends to go Suit’n’Tie shopping. Hooray ;-)

  • And itthe clothes emergency paid off – as the boss liked me – even though I’m too expensive… What should i do? Any advice? (please feel free to comment below).

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Kaupthing goes Keytrade – I got my money back

16 Jul
Bye bye Kaupthing - never again

Bye bye Kaupthing Edge super accounts - never again

It only took them 10 months since October 08. Finally I got my money back from the Icelandic bank from Luxemburg: Kaupthing. They went bust in October last year when the bad banking dominoes started toppling over dragging down half of the economy and financial markets. After negotiating with Libyan sheiks and British millionaires, they decided to sell the Kaupthing leftovers to another (dodgy?) bank:

Hello Keytrade - but not for long (but thanx for saving my savings anyway)

Hello Keytrade - but not for long (but thanx for saving my savings anyway)

Keytrade (with only half of the interest rate left over ;-( Then it took another month for the European Commission to decide if this was a good idea (giving people their savings back) according European rules and only last week they decided to give them a green light.

  • So all of a sudden I have money again!
  • Any suggestions what I should do with it? Buy a house (well, a small part of a house)? Where? Go on a world trip? (oh yeah, I just did that…)  So what else?
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