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Holy island hopping – Guimaras

15 Dec

Mango ketchup! from Guimaras - Mango capital

We were in Iloilo and besides shopping and having a private cinema session (read here), there wasn’t much to do or to see. But we did go for a stroll along the port… and decided impulsively to jump on a boat to Guimaras – the mango capital of the Philippines (they even had mango ketchup!!! See pic).

  • What we hadn’t counted on either was the adventist missionary who had decided to convert us…
  • And when we arrived we just got on the first jeepney we saw and with the help of all the people in it, we ended up in an unexpected mangrove resort
  • Pics below

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Living in a Shoebox…

15 Aug
My new territory...

My new territory...

Oh horror, I was homeless in Brussels. My former flat, furniture, job and friends were taken over by my lovely Estonian colleague. So where would I go, besides ‘regressing’ to mum’s place in the countryside (read here). Luckily enough two Samaritan friends of mine adopted me, like a wet puppy lost on the Brussels cobblestones. They didn’t feed me hot milk, but they did offer me a place to stay – a shoebox

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No more 4 star hotels please

7 May
Sunway 4 star pigeon house

Sunway 4 star pigeon house

I was arriving in gorgeous George Town relatively late at night (with FireFly, another cheap one ;-) so I didn’t want to be stuck for lodging, so I booked a hotel via one of those booking sites (Agoda.com) which of course only have the nicer hotels – but at great value (negotiated prices). So I stayed at the Sunway 4 **** hotel. The view from the 11th floor was great, the room was comfortable, the bed better than my one at home, but I didn’t like it.

So after 2 days I moved down to a Kampung (village style) guesthouse at Batu Feringhi beach. A small wooden room, no reception (just go and find someone of the family), no room service, no shower cap or ironing board – but it was sooo cozy and on top of it there was a wooden veranda overlooking the beach. Continue reading

Protected: The way money goes

7 Jan

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The Golden Banana Experience

6 Jan

Blogging at the pool...

Blogging at the pool

The ‘Golden Banana’ is a guesthouse in Siem Reap. It was recommended to me by my Norwegian friend who swears by it (except they are often fully booked – but thanks to ‘recession’ this time round they weren’t). It consists of different parts; the ‘Resort’ for the fancy people (but that looks gorgeous!); the ‘boutique hotel’ for the middle class, and the ‘Bed & Breakfast’ for people like me.

The B&B is composed of Continue reading

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