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Let’s all go to Phi Phi Island

10 Feb
Follow the masses into boats, islands and snorkling

Follow the masses into boats, islands and snorkling

What does one do when one is in Phuket. Well, some would go to all the girly or boy bars. Well, we didn’t. We went on another kind of tour, which is just as much advertised on the corner of each street: a boat trip to Phi Phi Island (Ko Phi Phi).

Already when arriving at Phuket airport, the tourist hunters try to trick you in all kind of different ways into tours, packages, accommodation, services and what not (yep, probably also those). Continue reading


Taking a little beach break

8 May

Nothing to do but watching the sunset...

It is nice to be travelling around, but after the hustle and bustle of Bangkok (including red shirts) and the temple overdose of Chiang Mai, we thought it would be time for a little break at the beach. Ko Samet is only a few hours bus & boat away from Bangkok, so easy to get to… but a lot more difficult to leave…

After our first day there we decided to stay till it was BKK time again to fly back home…

  • Such a lovely stay on Ko Samet slow-down island.
  • Also have a look at the funny Thai English we found there

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Philippines is Water: 1st time Snorkeling

8 Jun
First time snorkeling -beautiful

First time snorkeling -beautiful

In my head the Philippines will always be associated with water. El Nido and the surrounding limestone rock islands dotting the sea invited for a day of island hopping – taking a boat out on the water, exploring the secret beaches and going for my first time snorkeling. That was superb, till we got stuck in a rainstorm.

Whether it is the sea, boats, beaches, rain, snorkeling, puddles on the road, rice fields on the mountains, lagoons amidst limestone rocks, swimming in the pool, or simply sweating and drinking,… there’s water everywhere.

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