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Struggling with work

3 Apr

A more relaxed way of working

One of the conclusions of my Asia trip(s) and of the job coaching sessions I did, was to take another step in my professional life (and hopefully the developments on the personal level would follow). I thought to take things easier, work less, enjoy life more.


My Baby is Born – IdeoScript.be

25 Mar

Wings for your Ideas

Judging from the screaming women in labour do, giving birth isn’t easy. Similarly, setting up a company (in Belgium) is quite a laborious process too. The ideas were there, we even brainstormed a name for my company on the beach in Gran Canaria, but then the formalities started. They created these ‘one-stop-shop’ enterprise centres, where according to the info leaflets you can set up a new company in 3 days. Maybe true, if it weren’t that you had to fight hard to even get an appointment with them (2-3 weeks later). And they can indeed do all the steps of founding a company for you, if you pay them money you haven’t even earned yet.
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IdeoScript is born

2 Jan
IdeoScript copywriting (soon official logo here)

IdeoScript copywriting (soon official logo here) (c)FlickrHwren

So what do you get when you take a career break for one year? You actually start planning to work even more!!

One of the conclusions of my year off (thanx to my job coach), is that I should diversify, and take on board some different things besides the lovely international youth work I’m doing for SALTO. So I asked my boss to work part time (80% – 4 days/week) and in the remainder of my time (3 days/week), I decided to register myself as a freelance copywriter – HURAY – IdeoScript is born.

  • Have a look at my provisional IdeoScript website ;-) Am soooo proud of it.
  • Now I only need to find customers… Hm, any ideas? Please let me know if you know anyone who needs a writer, reporter, editor, website-developer, etc.

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