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Bargaining at the doctor’s

16 Feb

The result of all the bargaining... Health (let's hope)

Even though the volcanic hot springs were heaven – judging from the Indonesian angels splashing around in the water ;-) the baths did not turn out as healthy as they proclaimed to be. By the time we arrived in Seminyak, my ear was twitching and hurting. Nothing that a short visit to our local doctor can’t fix – even though that also involved some negotiation and bargaining skills… with the doctor and the nurse! Continue reading

Border crossing from Thailand into Cambodia

24 Jan

Chong Sa Ngam TH-KH border crossing

The guidebook said it was possible, the Internet that knows it all too. So I decided to try the most remote border crossing from Si Saket (TH) into Anlong Veng (KH). A little adventure, especially as I started off in the wrong direction. Actually, I didn’t have a clue which direction but still pointed the motorbike taxi in the wrong direction. Wrong wrong wrong…

How to get sunburn for double the price?

  1. Get a (completely undetailed) map of the area in Thai language (the only map I could find in Si Saket) Continue reading

Recovering in the Sun

1 Dec

Coconut trees to protect me

What’s a better place to recover from an operation, than somewhere sunny. It took me 2 days to get here but finally I came to peace and paradise from Brussels > Abu Dhabi (good thing they didn’t keep me there) > Bangkok > Manila > Kalibo > Boracay…  and 4 flights, 2 buses, 1 taxi, 1 boat and 2 tricyble rides…


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From food poisoning to appendicitis

22 Nov

The ideal solution for a few extra holidays

Anything to stay longer in the sun, although… It started with food poisoning but a few days later it turned out to be appendicitis. A good way to test the European Health Care system, and get a few extra days under the sun from the insurance. Even though my departure to Asia is coming closer more quickly than I’d physically manage…
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Protected: Dieting for a cause (xs)

24 Sep

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How old is not young?

20 Jul
A thirty something guy

A thirty something guy

What age does the midlife crisis kick in normally? Maybe it is happening to me as we speak… I already wrote some posts about getting old(er) and now again one. I can feel the time ticking: I feel it in my bones, I notice it in the strength of my glasses (they’re gonna be back soon ;-( and I definitely don’t belong in a dance party anymore.

  • Maybe part of becoming old(er) is also complaining about getting old(er) ?

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A bit of Asia travel stats

18 Jun
What does it take to travel Asia?

What does it take to travel Asia?

Did you ever wonder how much traveling in Asia costs? How many people you meet? What it takes to get there? How many borders you cross? What your trip is composed off?

For me it was: 126 days, 40000 km, 8 countries, 20 flights, 34kg luggage, 170 blogpages, 8 SIM cards, 8752 pictures, 10 currencies, 3x diarrhea, 6 books, 16 languages, 8500€,…

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