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My kingdom for a shit!

24 Nov

If only I could do that...

Having an appendicitis operation is one thing, getting back to normal life (or back home) is another. Actually the most painful is not the little hole in your tummy, but rather learning to walk, sleep and to eat again… And I won’t mention the most difficult of all: learning to shit again (forgive my French).
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German Carnival on Spanish Gay beach

11 Nov

They actually ran around like this all day...

It’s a quite funny mix of circumstances: pile heaps of gay guys together on a Spanish nude beach – add to that the German Carnival which starts on 11 November 11h11 am – add an incredible number of bottles of bubbles (anything from German Sekt to Spanish Cava) – and you get surreal scenes of drag and drinking…
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Life’s a beach

9 Nov

Funny bunch at the beach

Some people say, life’s a bitch – others not. It’s like the glass which is half empty or half full. To support this adage, I took off with some friends to Gran Canaria. Some would think this is part of Spain, but actually it’s rather German or British…

  • And some pictures (avoids us sending postcards – the digital age has well arrived!)

We’ve been many times before, so life went its way, as it does on holidays at the beach, not even trying to kill ‘old habbits‘. Sorry, no ‘cultural’ holidays this time – ‘intercultural’ all the more with all the ‘foreigners’ on the beach… Continue reading

Gran Canaria – Prep for Asia?

18 Nov
Maspalomas Dunes Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Dunes Gran Canaria

After a conference for work in Santa Cruz de la Palma (one of the Canary Islands), I ceased the occasion to stay on a week in the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria. One of my favourite holiday destinations: sun, sea, swimming pool, sipping cocktails, succulent and syeap meals – and some other things beginning with S ;-)

A friend of mine shuttled in for the occasion, we rented a little apartment for the week and the rest happened automatically as usual – it is like being ‘at home’ because we know the place so well, have our habits, the usual places to go – no strain, no pain…

It was a good preparation for Asia – not only because I had lots of time to read my guidebooks lying on the beach or at the pool. It was also a test to see how I’d react to traveling and meeting people. The results were not particularly brilliant… at first. It has to be said that Playa del Ingles is a gay holiday destination, so quite normal that people ‘meet’ (or was it ‘meat’). And with Asia in my head, all of a sudden an Asian guy also appeared on my retina. So what’s the next steps? I did smile to him, when he was leaving the beach I waved goodbye, etc – but actually start talking – noooooo way… (why am I so shy? Anyone any solutions, exercises, proposals?)

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