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A proud day in Brussels

15 May

Presumed Heteroseksual (with KS to avoid being blacklisted by your provider)

Some picture impressions of the Belgian Pride – 35000 people partying in the streets (even though the parade itself is rather pathetic and un-creative). They changed the name from Gay and Lesbian Pride to Belgian pride – because ‘everybody’ should be proud to be what they are…

  • Hm, where is that going to end up…
  • More pics below

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Hi from the Bangkok Barricades

25 Apr

The red shirt camp seen from the overpass

You might have heard, or you might not have, the city of Bangkok was under siege of the Red-Shirts. The fashionistas dressed in red were protesting to get the former corrupt (!) prime minister back in power – or rather – to oust the new PM. They took over the commercial centre of Bangkok – including the gay Silom area.

So, what to do? Despite the closed metro & sky-train, we still managed to cross the barricades and barbed wire. Here’s a look from the Red Shirt camp on our way to a drink in the gay bar. Pics below.

  • Civil war seems to be a relative concept after all.

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Good old Cambodia

21 Dec

Warm Welcome - more than I could handle

I had booked a week in Cambodia to go back in time and re-live good old memories, meeting up with great friends, visiting the familiar places and soak up on the same smile-provoking surreal experiences as before (e.g. drag shows, temple visits, funny food, etc). So there’s nothing really much to report about my stay in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap this time round (but still some nice pics below).

  • It’s like a mesmerising goodbye to my year of travels – ending as I started it…
  • Cambodia is such a damn pleasant place to be (if you ignore some details here and there).

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Abu Dhabi, more boo than be bi

27 Nov

Here we fly - Etihad Airways

It was the first time I flew Etihad Airways (national carrier of United Arab Emirates). I didn’t have a lot of ‘stereotypes’ about the Middle East, except the oil sheiks, and indeed it seemed that’s the people the airline caters for… One group of people they are less welcoming for are gay people though…

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German Carnival on Spanish Gay beach

11 Nov

They actually ran around like this all day...

It’s a quite funny mix of circumstances: pile heaps of gay guys together on a Spanish nude beach – add to that the German Carnival which starts on 11 November 11h11 am – add an incredible number of bottles of bubbles (anything from German Sekt to Spanish Cava) – and you get surreal scenes of drag and drinking…
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Life’s a beach

9 Nov

Funny bunch at the beach

Some people say, life’s a bitch – others not. It’s like the glass which is half empty or half full. To support this adage, I took off with some friends to Gran Canaria. Some would think this is part of Spain, but actually it’s rather German or British…

  • And some pictures (avoids us sending postcards – the digital age has well arrived!)

We’ve been many times before, so life went its way, as it does on holidays at the beach, not even trying to kill ‘old habbits‘. Sorry, no ‘cultural’ holidays this time – ‘intercultural’ all the more with all the ‘foreigners’ on the beach… Continue reading

Rainbow Disco Fauna

26 Aug
The amazing & amuzing disco fauna & flora

The amazing & amuzing disco fauna & flora

It’s more fun than watching television. The show is live and unpredictable. And you don’t even pay for it (besides the entrance fee). Yep, I went to a (gay) disco again after being absent from the party world for a long long time (what’s even more: I went in Antwerp and once again when I was in Poland). It does require some sacrifice, because it doesn’t start till 2am, but once the guys get going, there’s no end to the amazement & amusement. Till the lights go on at 6am, which turns this fairy tale into harsh reality.

  • PS If you have a categorisation of the Gay world (fun or serious) I would be happy to read about it – Add it in the comments below?

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