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Punny Pinoy things

8 Dec

Dangerous life at the beach

The Philippines are weird or ‘punny’ (as they don’t have the letter F in Tagalog). At first you think that it is a nice mix between Asia, Spain & the US (familiar elements) but the longer you stay the more unfamiliar funny things you come accross. The Pinoy definitely speak a special language – and it’s not English (even though many say the Pinoys are good at English). They must mean they’re excelling in Phinglish or Tagalish ;-)

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Funny Pinoy Pictures

10 Jun

The fun of traveling is to bump into all kinds of situations that are not as I would expect them back home. Below you’ll find a set of pics of scenes or objects that I found funny, special, surreal, unusual or different (read the commentary).

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Funny Malaysia Pictures

15 May
Buy your Buddha in the Buddha supermarket

Buy your Buddha in the Buddha supermarket

There’s quite some pictures in my Malaysia posts, but here are a few that I thought were funny, special, weird, different,… (for different reasons – read comments – hehe)

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Funny Singapore Pictures

5 May
Even the toilets are numbered - maniacs

Even the toilets are numbered - maniacs

There’s many pictures in the Singapore Posts because they represent the best what I found there.

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