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A little bit of Bangkok luxury

18 Dec

Bathroom with a view - develish design

On my way out from the Philippines I stayed one night in Manila: impossible traffic & pollution, malls & chains of shops everywhere, continuous nagging by touts & salespersons. So it was like arriving in heaven when I checked into a 4-star airport hotel near Bangkok airport… (even though i once said I’d never go to 4 star hotels again…)

And when I hopped into town (before my flight to Phnom Penh the next day) to bring my computer to hospital the service was unequalled by anything I’d experienced before.

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Office with sea view

6 Dec

My office on the beach

I completely forgot that it was Saint-Nicolas’ day today (the saint that brings children presents, in Belgium at least). And he also had a present in his sack for me: my first freelance copywriter assignment. So I had to set up my office on Boracay beach. Easier said than done. There were some local sunny challenges to deal with.

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Third world Belgium

1 Oct
You thought Belgium was in Europe?

You thought Belgium was in Europe?

Big sigh,… I have my moments of fighting the system… Sometimes Belgium just looks as if it were a ‘third world’ (developing) country. When travelling through Asia, I saw many things more developed than in Brussels…

Some examples:
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Protected: Happy holidays with-out internet?

7 May

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My computer is alive!

6 Apr
Computer hospital in Bangkok

Computer hospital in Bangkok

I must say Bangkok is the center point of civilization around South East Asia. You need to buy something? You’ll find it in Bangkok. You need to repair something. Go to Bangkok. You need medical care – Bangkok is the place to go.

My computer broke down when traveling in the north of Cambodia. I desperately brought my little baby to all the computer shops that seemed they could maybe fix it without doing more damage than good. But their suggestion was to bring it to computer hospital – either in Phnom Penh or Bangkok. Continue reading

Computer blues

24 Mar
The last time I used my netbook before it died...

The last time I used my netbook before it died...

Is there life without computer & internet?  Why do I blog?

I will certainly have to give internet-less life a try the next 2 weeks as my netbook went into coma last week (so only compact blogging from internet cafes – sorry). One beautiful day I closed it, and it would never come to life again, whatever buttons I pushed, no matter how much I stroked or kissed it, egal what I whispered into its orifices…

I ran around about all the computer shops in Battambang (the second city of Cambodia), even some monks at the computer shop helped me out with some translation, but the verdict was unanimous:

  • a hardware problem – shiiiiiiiit – and the only way of resuscitation would be to go to the head office of the most renowned computer shop in Phnom Penh – or go to computer hospital (Acer service centre) in Bangkok.

I just came back from the computer shop in Phnom Penh and Continue reading

Bye bye blogging – hello countryside

15 Mar
The last time I used my netbook before it died...

The last time I used my netbook before it died...

Great! just when i was telling everybody how happy i was with my notebook, it decided to break down. I went to about every PC shop here in Battambang City (the second city in Cambodia) but there is only hope left if I’d take my ailing computer to Phnom Penh or even an Acer Service Centre = Bangkok…

Or maybe this is a good excuse to stop blogging for a while and focus on important things – being with a friend here in the Cambodian countryside (Pailin – not even in my guidebook). Just read, relax, think and BE!

So if you don’t hear from me for a while that’s normal. I’m playing husband and wife in the middle of nowhere here – Pailin (North-West Cambodia, near Thai border).

I will be back on the radar – the latest at 5 April when i fly from Phnom Penh to Bangkok (for a ridiclous 25 US$ with AirAsia) to meet with my best Brussels friend that’ll be visiting me. Yippee.


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