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Bali road trip – lot’s of road

15 Feb

Sticky rice on the rice terraces

For some reason Indonesia (Bali) seems tougher to get around in than Thailand. There’s a lot more ‘services’ that just blatantly rip you off – with a friendly smile. Once you get a feel for the prices though, you can get good deals – so we booked ourselves a trip around Bali, mixing and matching the ‘standard tours’ and going off the tourist trail a bit. I’m not sure if the mixing of different sights was a good idea, as we ended up spending quite some hours in the car getting to the sights… But I guess that a road trip involves being on the road… lots of road… Pics below. Continue reading

I have arrived in Vietnam

18 Jan
I have arrived in Vietnam

I have arrived in Vietnam

It wasn’t maybe by the most obvious route, but I did arrive in Vietnam, in one piece. Crossing the border entailed some challenges, but nothing a world-traveler can’t surpass. Vietnam feels a bit similar to Cambodia, but it is definitely different: more aggressive/assertive/commercial (pick the word you prefer), definitely better and stronger coffee, language barriers as high as skyscrapers and squeaking sand on the beach!

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