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Help – Post travel depression!

29 Dec

I vote for hot weather

I’ve just been a day in Brussels and I’m depressed already. Where are all the smiling faces ;-) ? And this weather, isn’t it beyond acceptable?! The EU should make a directive against miserably grey & wet weather. That would be a useful ruling for a change (hehe). Cuz, what do I do now with all my Thai boy-shorts & slim-fit T-shirts?

I need to really control my urges here, as everything is about 3-5 times more expensive than ‘in my second home’ over there in Boracay. If I’d live the same lifestyle in Brussels I’d be bankrupt in about 3 minutes (well, 3 days)…

  • Life’s not easy after travelling in Asia
  • Weeeeeeeehhh – I wanna go back!

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The world of Suits & Ties

30 Aug
Is it (still) me?

Is it (still) me?

I was playing with the idea already a long time: Should I ‘grow up’ and buy a suit – for all those occasions of dressing up, without it being carnival all the same (weddings & funerals). When in Poland, 200% supported by my good friend & life coach, who’s living and loving the business world, I did make the jump into this very new world of Suits & Ties, learning all the unwritten rules & revelations. The result (pics below) does look oh-so-cool on me (they say ;-). The cost of this initiation: 300€.

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Buying new clothes to sell my soul

24 Aug
The crusade to conquer the labour market

The crusade to conquer the labour market

The CV distillation process and copywriter tricks in the motivation letters I sent off were successful as I got a job interview only a week after launching myself on the labour market. Great to get a job interview – but then it all of a sudden dawns to me that I don’t have any job interview clothes! RED ALERT – this was a matter of utmost importance and I summoned all my gay friends to go Suit’n’Tie shopping. Hooray ;-)

  • And itthe clothes emergency paid off – as the boss liked me – even though I’m too expensive… What should i do? Any advice? (please feel free to comment below).

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Protected: Help I Am Getting Older

14 May

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