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Charming Chiang Mai Pics

1 May

Massage literally on every corner of the street...

Not sure how to summarise Chiang Mai, the charming relaxed city of the North of Thailand: full of temples, nice hotels, yummy food, biking around town, smiley people, superb China town and night market, massage on every street corner (literally sometimes), street food a go-go, quaint old town, enjoying yourself for no money, just a night train away from Bangkok!

  • All of this and much more in 101 pictures (well, a few less…).
  • Also have a look at the Funny Thailand pics

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Funny Thailand Impressions

1 May

The real Thailand tourist

Thailand is a country too crazy for words – that’s why I’ll just post some pictures of my trip here, to share some funny impressions with you ;-)

For example:

  • The Red Shirt protests in Bangkok – going for a drink in the war zone (more here)
  • Thousands of temples – templed out again (like the churches in Europe/Phils)
  • Soooooo yummy food – help – I’m gaining weight… ;-(
  • Pictures of the king everywhere – do not dare to make fun of him!
  • Colours and glitters everywhere – pink taxis, shiney temples, crazy clothes,…
  • Dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of smiles and beautiful people…
  • Hot, hot, hot, hot,… (40°, red shirts, Silom, etc)
  • Also have a look at the Charming Chiang Mai picture post or the post about Thai English (hehe)

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Songkran: getting wet in 3 cities

15 Apr

Even the streets could not handle the tons of water

Even the streets could not handle the tons of water

Happy New Year – (many pics below) the Thai just arrived in 2052 (according to the Buddhist calendar). And they do celebrate this by splashing out – literally. The tradition wants that the houses are cleaned for the new year, the Buddha statues are washed in the temple, and people throw water at each other. This wet affair last for 3 days, except this year, the government decided to extend it for 2 more days because of the unrests that troubled the first 2 days of Songkran.

We had the wet pleasure to experience this Songkran water festival in 3 different cities: we were in Pattaya for the first day. The next day we moved to Bangkok to take the night train to Chiang Mai – but with an hallucinating stop in Silom road – getting more wet than wet. And in Chiang Mai, the streets had turned into rivers because of all the water throwing. Amazing.

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Happy New Year again

13 Apr
Happy Wet New Year

Happy Wet New Year

I know, I sent you New Year greetings from Phnom Penh (the Western New Year), I sent you good luck wishes again for the Vietnamese New Year (end January) and once more it is time to wish you a superb New Year – the Thai New Year this time (and Khmer and Lao new year).

And of course New Year calls for celebration! The Thai start the new year ceremonially washing their buddha statues (from their home shrines) in the home temple. But at the same time, tradition wants that that the people also ‘wash’ each other Continue reading

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