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Traveling through Thailand

23 Jan

Spaceship buses: imagine light coming out of every crevice

As I would be going up to Bangkok later, I decided to head straight for the North-East: the real Thailand: Isaan, where hardly any tourists go (unless they get lost or want to go to Laos). That also means that people don’t speak English, but they help you all the more ;-) But what really impressed me was the public transport: the buses and the trains. Continue reading

Crazy Thailand… as I like it

22 Jan

The beginning of another little trip around the world

Thailand just makes me smile: the overdose of pinkness, the constant hellos of the children, people helping you out no matter you speak a different language, the Thai massage by frail giggling girlies that could nevertheless easily break your bones, temples made out of recycled bottles or buses that look like spaceships and the trains that are like planes

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Indiana Tones on the bus to El Nido

7 Jun
The things that happen on Pilipino roads

The things that happen on Pilipino roads

After seeing what I wanted to see (the world’s longest Underground River) – and getting fed up with dorm style guesthouse – I wanted to spend my last few days on my travels in El Nido – supposedly a quiet relaxed village in a gorgeous landscape. But getting there was a bit of an adventure: dodging mudslides, crossing rivers, rescuing school children and even toppling over into the ditch. The foreseen 6 to 8 hours turned into 11, but all the excitement came at no extra cost (oh yes, and no one got injured).

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Bus Encounters

10 Feb
Encounters in the sleeper bus...

Encounters in the sleeper bus...

Just as I wasn’t feeling so happy (just a bit of travelers blues), I bump into lots of interesting people that cheer me up on the sleeper bus. It is a nice way of life showing me that ‘all will be fine’ and that I shouldn’t worry when I have a little dip. I got some relationship counseling from a Dutch-British couple, talked about travel approaches with a retired German traveler and got into deep philosophy with a French dentist that was volunteering in Vietnam.

I thought I’d seen them before, and yes, it turned out that I was virtually doing the same Lonely Planet trail as the Dutch-UK couple I sat with during the dinner stop of the night bus. For some reason, stronger than me, Continue reading

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