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A temple made of a million bottles!

23 Jan

Made out of a million bottles

This is the most impressive temple ever. Even though I’ve seen Angkor Wat near Siem Reap or Bangkok’s Grand Palace, this well-hidden temple in the North-East of Thailand is surely the most original. A temple completely made out of glass bottles! (pics below). Continue reading


Funny Malaysia Pictures

15 May
Buy your Buddha in the Buddha supermarket

Buy your Buddha in the Buddha supermarket

There’s quite some pictures in my Malaysia posts, but here are a few that I thought were funny, special, weird, different,… (for different reasons – read comments – hehe)

Continue reading

Happy Wesak 2052 – Buddha’s birth

9 May
Burning my little lotus candle for Buddha

Burning my little lotus candle for Buddha

Yep – Happy New Year again! (for the 4th time this year, I know) This time the New Year took my by surprise. I was walking around town and on the spur of the moment, I thought to do something cultural, instead of only lying at the beach, reading, blogging and gazing at the beautiful sunset every night.

So I went to visit the lying Buddha in the Thai temple, and the Burmese Buddhist temple (in the same street). There were many many people around, and I only realized what was going on when I saw a little paper on the wall explaining that today is Wesak – Buddhist religious new year 2052. It was 2052 years ago that Buddha was born. So I decided to join in and get my blessing from the monks and light a flower candle for Buddha. Continue reading

Melaka – a bit of history

5 May
The Dutch old town with Stadhuys

The Dutch old town with Stadhuys

From Singapore I took the ‘massage bus’ to Melaka, about 3-4 hours drive in vibrating chairs further north. Melaka is a little town that got recognized as Unesco World Heritage only last year (at the same time as George Town on Penang Island), so there’s still lots of renovation and tidying going on, but there’s plenty of nice buildings to see. It’s like a polonaise of different countries, cultures and architectural styles that visited (invaded) this coastal town and trading port: Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, British… with a pinch of Sultan influence.

I’m not sure if I was very receptive to take in another city, after a few days running around KL, then Singapore in a nutshell and then another town for just a day. Definitely going too fast, so I’ll slow down soon. So I’ll post pictures instead of writing much. And I ended my day in Melaka with some Chinese mmmmmassage. Continue reading

Thailand Indulgence

8 Apr

Thank Buddha for company ;-)

Thank Buddha for company ;-)

Thank Buddha! – I am not alone anymore. My best friend from Brussels came to visit me – Huray – I’ve got myself a partner in crime… (not gonna tell you what kind of crimes – hehe). But our tastes and style of holidays is not quite the same. I would be looking for adventure and experience, he would be looking for a treat and living the good life. I would be moving down the beaten track, he just loves upping the number of stars of the accommodation. I tend to try out the local street food, he gets instant diarrhea just watching the street stalls selling local goodies. I had been roughing it enough for the last few months (e.g. Laos), so I didn’t mind to indulge in a bit of luxury.

Forget about the public bus to the airport – taxi it would be. Anyway, Continue reading

Hijacked in Vientiane & Blessed by the Monks

7 Mar
Monsters and Monks in Vientiane

Monsters and Monks in Vientiane

This title already indicates contrast – just as Vientiane was for me. On the one hand the gay life went a bit wrong – and on the other side I got a religious overdose. I indulged in lovely luxury and western food – in a lovely laid back Loas setting.

Dates via the internet don’t always go as expected and can lead to tricky situations, nearly getting abducted. But to make up for all my sins I visited about a dozen temples, a magnificent mix between Disneyland and temple at the Buddha Park – and I even got the monks blessing (and a wet head because of the blessing water…) Continue reading

Back to Civilisation in Luang Prabang

27 Feb
Luang Prabang - temple city

Luang Prabang - temple city

OK, I take back all I said about going back in time when arriving in Laos. As soon as I arrived in Luang Prabang, back in civilization, I did discover that there are roads, there are (loads of) western and Lao restaurants, there is electricity, all day – and a god sent gift – internet (even though it is not functioning half of the time). And you can actually sit on the toilets. Luang Prabang is Laos’ number one tourist destination, with its lovely colonial style town centre listed and protected as Unesco world heritage, the dozens of Wats (temples with monks) and somewhat of a tourist party scene (not sure if that goes together well with the previous characteristics).

I arrived from Nong Khiaw Continue reading

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