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Border crossing from Thailand into Cambodia

24 Jan

Chong Sa Ngam TH-KH border crossing

The guidebook said it was possible, the Internet that knows it all too. So I decided to try the most remote border crossing from Si Saket (TH) into Anlong Veng (KH). A little adventure, especially as I started off in the wrong direction. Actually, I didn’t have a clue which direction but still pointed the motorbike taxi in the wrong direction. Wrong wrong wrong…

How to get sunburn for double the price?

  1. Get a (completely undetailed) map of the area in Thai language (the only map I could find in Si Saket) Continue reading

Getting into Singapore

2 May
Visiting Singapore...

Visiting Singapore...

My Citin hotel was just opposite the Puduraya bus station, so it was certainly a convenient location to buy a ticket for the bus to Singapore (5 hours, 39 Ringit). The only challenge was to choose between the dozens of bus counters/companies – and I choose wrongly. It got me into Singapore, but not as expected…

Crossing the border was another story, with the border guards making me delete the picture of the first Singaporean flag I saw. I thought they would be honoured. Nope. Continue reading

Back in Time to Laos

15 Feb
I made it to Laos - barely

I made it to Laos - barely

I have to say that my first impression I got of Laos is probably not the most representative image – coming into the country via the ‘back door’. The Dien Bien Phu border crossing only opened about a year ago, and besides the bus that goes 3 times per week, and the occasional lost Vietnamese car I guess nobody uses this border crossing.

So when walking across the border, it was clear straight away Continue reading

I have arrived in Vietnam

18 Jan
I have arrived in Vietnam

I have arrived in Vietnam

It wasn’t maybe by the most obvious route, but I did arrive in Vietnam, in one piece. Crossing the border entailed some challenges, but nothing a world-traveler can’t surpass. Vietnam feels a bit similar to Cambodia, but it is definitely different: more aggressive/assertive/commercial (pick the word you prefer), definitely better and stronger coffee, language barriers as high as skyscrapers and squeaking sand on the beach!

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