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Boracay Beach Impressions

6 Aug
Boracay equals Beach

Boracay equals Beach

This time round I haven’t been very much into writing, because of combining a Filipino household, work for back home and making sure I get some holiday at the same time. Therefore, I’ll have to satisfy you with some pictures giving a vague impression of a month in the tropics


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Routine Pilipino Style

29 Jul

So I had the chance to visit my little angel again in Boracay. Four weeks down in the Pilipinas, on the paradise island. But what should I be doing all this time? After one week a comfortable routine slowly installed itself:

The view from my Boracay office for the coming weeks

The view from my Boracay office for the coming weeks

6am – wake up ceremony

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Protected: Bubble gum photo shoot (xs)

14 Dec

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Xmas at the beach

12 Dec

Strange to have Xmas on the beach 30°

In my (limited) head, christmas will always be associated with christmas trees, snow (if we’re lucky) and a wooden fire roaring in the fire place, sipping on some gluewein (hot mulled wine).

Not here in Boracay paradise beach though. Besides the fact that there are no christmas trees (firs, conifers) growing in tropical climates, the sweltering temperatures and a beach doesn’t really go together with Xmas in my head either.

So what does Xmas look like in the Philippines then?

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Pandan countryside escape

10 Dec

Tasting the real Philippines

There’s only so much of a tourist island one can cope with – no matter how white & turquoise the beach & sea are – no matter how breathtaking the sunsets… So after 2 weeks of Boracay paradise I felt it was time for a change. Why not hop over to the main island (Panay) next door? Except that there’s nothing to do… and maybe that’s exactly what I went to do there.

  • A nice change from the hustle & bustle of Boracay, with massage, fruit, shake, boat trip & souvenir vendors at every corner.

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Punny Pinoy things

8 Dec

Dangerous life at the beach

The Philippines are weird or ‘punny’ (as they don’t have the letter F in Tagalog). At first you think that it is a nice mix between Asia, Spain & the US (familiar elements) but the longer you stay the more unfamiliar funny things you come accross. The Pinoy definitely speak a special language – and it’s not English (even though many say the Pinoys are good at English). They must mean they’re excelling in Phinglish or Tagalish ;-)

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Office with sea view

6 Dec

My office on the beach

I completely forgot that it was Saint-Nicolas’ day today (the saint that brings children presents, in Belgium at least). And he also had a present in his sack for me: my first freelance copywriter assignment. So I had to set up my office on Boracay beach. Easier said than done. There were some local sunny challenges to deal with.

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