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Good old Cambodia

21 Dec

Warm Welcome - more than I could handle

I had booked a week in Cambodia to go back in time and re-live good old memories, meeting up with great friends, visiting the familiar places and soak up on the same smile-provoking surreal experiences as before (e.g. drag shows, temple visits, funny food, etc). So there’s nothing really much to report about my stay in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap this time round (but still some nice pics below).

  • It’s like a mesmerising goodbye to my year of travels – ending as I started it…
  • Cambodia is such a damn pleasant place to be (if you ignore some details here and there).

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Is there Gay life in Cambodia?

5 Jan
A typical Cambodian new year...?

A typical Cambodian new year...?

What happens if you release two gays in their ‘mid-life crisis’ in the middle of Cambodia…? Indeed, they go and explore what’s happening on the gay scene (amongst many other cultural and not so cultural things of course) and secretly hope to find the two arms they’ve always been longing for…

So it was that we booked ourselves into a gay guest house (for which they then ask double the price) Manor House, but the advantage being that they wouldn’t make a fuzz in case you want to be comfortable in those two lovely arms in your own room. Also the gay guesthouses are a good way into the local gay scene, to start off the exploration of the other side of Cambodian society… hermetically hidden from many.

THE bar that was recommended in PP (Phnom Penhp) was the Blue Chilli bar, so we went to check it out. It only took Continue reading

Finally or desperately alone

4 Jan

Traveling together or alone - what's the best?

Traveling together or alone - what's the best?

4th of January: my friend PH is leaving, back to Bangkok, Paris & Norway. It all of a sudden sinks in that I’ll be all alone from now on. So I started feeling home-sick or lonely before PH had even gone. What’s the point of being alone, when I’ve got all these nice friends? Why on Earth did I leave them?

Oh yes, I forgot, I actually came to Asia to think my life over! Till now, except some really nice conversations Continue reading

New Year Pictures

1 Jan

This is what my new year looked like this year ;-) Quite a difference from the ‘usual’ stuff.

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