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Charming Chiang Mai Pics

1 May

Massage literally on every corner of the street...

Not sure how to summarise Chiang Mai, the charming relaxed city of the North of Thailand: full of temples, nice hotels, yummy food, biking around town, smiley people, superb China town and night market, massage on every street corner (literally sometimes), street food a go-go, quaint old town, enjoying yourself for no money, just a night train away from Bangkok!

  • All of this and much more in 101 pictures (well, a few less…).
  • Also have a look at the Funny Thailand pics

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Making my Home at Home

23 Jul
It's in the little things you notice that someone else is living in your appartment

It's in the little things you notice that someone else is living in your appartment (indeed, the pink shoes are NOT mine ;-)

When I arrived back to Brussels after a month in laid-back Portugal, I got a city-shock. I had forgotten there were so many people, traffic, pollution, noise, etc. I think I’m ready to move out of the city – but where to? As a test I’m setting up camp at my mum’s place in the countryside, because I rented out my apartment in Brussels for the duration of my sabbatical year. And then we’ll have a look in which quaint village there’ houses for sale.

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Venturing out into Bali Countryside

21 Apr
Typical Ubud street - with those Balinese sticks everywhere

Typical Ubud street - with those Balinese sticks everywhere

Even though our Villa was very comfortable, and we even found the beach once we figured out that it is actually a garden next to the beach, we did go and explore the countryside of Bali. We rented a motorbike (with all its complications – and being stopped by the police), and set off on our explorations.

The inner island is if possible even more quaint and beautiful than the areas along the beaches, where we were staying. We visited Ubud, which has probably just as many tourists as the sea-side but it was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busy beach roads.

  • The best way to share with you the look and feel of Balinese countryside culture, is to upload the pictures – many below.

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Busted by the police in Ubud

21 Apr
Bali MotoBike Blues

Bali MotoBike Blues

Bali is a beautiful island . We could tell from only roaming around in the area that we were living. The streets are donned with hanging bamboo lanterns, there’s traditional houses, temples and gates everywhere. So we decided to go and explore the island, going to the insides of Balinese culture, visiting the heartland.

Easier said than done. How do you get there? We were too proud to go on a mass-tourist tour, so we rented a motorbike instead, not without complications. But we saw some of the countryside, and had some dealings with the police – enjoying the wonders of corruption and negotiation. Continue reading

Thailand Indulgence

8 Apr

Thank Buddha for company ;-)

Thank Buddha for company ;-)

Thank Buddha! – I am not alone anymore. My best friend from Brussels came to visit me – Huray – I’ve got myself a partner in crime… (not gonna tell you what kind of crimes – hehe). But our tastes and style of holidays is not quite the same. I would be looking for adventure and experience, he would be looking for a treat and living the good life. I would be moving down the beaten track, he just loves upping the number of stars of the accommodation. I tend to try out the local street food, he gets instant diarrhea just watching the street stalls selling local goodies. I had been roughing it enough for the last few months (e.g. Laos), so I didn’t mind to indulge in a bit of luxury.

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Crashing a motorbike in Kampot

5 Apr
Me and my motorbike crash...

Me and my motorbike crash...

As I grew to know the ‘Kep Ville’, I set out to explore a bit the wider surroundings and rented a motorbike (for a futile 6$) to roam around the national park and to visit Kampot – the city nearby. I had to dodge a rain storm and seek refuge in the shack road-side restaurant of an old lady, but water doesn’t do much damage. It was later when I was in a picture mood, that I turned around the motorbike a bit too sharply to take the perfect picture, that the damage happened. The road was slippery, the bike turned in a wider circle than I thought, and of course there was a concrete pole just there to mark the road side. My front mud guard banged onto the pole and burst into pieces… Shiiiiit.

  • Some pics below…

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A day or a year in Kep

1 Apr

Beautiful French villas - in ruins

Beautiful French villas - in ruins

Kep is the place where everybody would want to extend his stay to a year. It must be a mix of laid-back-ness, the history that breathes through the ruins of former French colonial villas and the up-and-coming tourism revival. I was here before, and just had to come back to enjoy it to the full – with some surprises thrown in for the same price.

Life is too short to be floating around haphazardly: if you know some places (or people) that are nice, the only clever thing to do is to enjoy them. I adored Kep (South Cambodia), with its lovely sunsets, the relaxed atmosphere and the historic ruins of houses.

Moreover I had found last time a couple of good places to eat, sleep and swim, so I decided to go to the places that I actually liked, rather than adding more and more to the cultural geographical confusion in my head. There’s only so many new places, languages, people and impressions that fit in one’s mind, so I guess I wanted to protect me from overkill. But still I bumped into some lovely new people, drove around the area and crashed a motorbike inthe process… Continue reading

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