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Return on travel Investment

27 Dec

Traveling to gain money

Having forked out about 750 € for all my flights (Brussels-Bangkok-Manila-Boracay-Phnom Penh and back), I would need to play things clever financially, to get most out of that initial investment. So in order to break even I’d have to buy things that would be at least 750€ cheaper than back home…

  • With success (of course ;-)
  • I earned 2500€ by going one month on holidays!

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Where is Tony – Asia trip 2

27 Dec

Recovering big time, from 2 days traveling, or was it from an operation?

Just in case you wanna keep track of my wherabouts:

Third world Belgium

1 Oct
You thought Belgium was in Europe?

You thought Belgium was in Europe?

Big sigh,… I have my moments of fighting the system… Sometimes Belgium just looks as if it were a ‘third world’ (developing) country. When travelling through Asia, I saw many things more developed than in Brussels…

Some examples:
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