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Onsen Papawaqa hot springs Tai’an, Taiwan

2 Dec

It seems that Facebook won from the blog. Have a look at the pictures of this heavenly hot spring hotel on my Facebook album. Lovely room with a view of the valley and mountains…


How much luxury do you want?

17 Feb

Annora Bali - Flower petals on arrival

I had the pleasure to travel with a good friend of mine, who for one reason or another finds his way to luxury… I just follow. But during this (and previous) trips I had the chance to stay in some quite special places – unaffordable in Belgium, but quite accessible here (even for a self-employed copywriter who just finished his last contract) – Pics below. Continue reading

Bangkok as usual…

6 Feb
Sunset at the pool on the 10th floor

Sunset at the pool on the 10th floor

Oh my Buddha – all this travelling has quite some effect on me – when Bangkok starts becoming ‘usual’ or even a ‘homey feeling’. I speak the basic tourist survival Thai – know the best dishes to comfort my palate – have found the corners of the concrete jungle that are soothing – able to use the public transport eyes closed – no more need to visit the tourist traps, because been there, done that – a few good places to stay, from nice to luxury – and most of all: indulge in shopping: Thai and cheap. (pics below)

So our regular routine goes as follows: Continue reading

Taking a little beach break

8 May

Nothing to do but watching the sunset...

It is nice to be travelling around, but after the hustle and bustle of Bangkok (including red shirts) and the temple overdose of Chiang Mai, we thought it would be time for a little break at the beach. Ko Samet is only a few hours bus & boat away from Bangkok, so easy to get to… but a lot more difficult to leave…

After our first day there we decided to stay till it was BKK time again to fly back home…

  • Such a lovely stay on Ko Samet slow-down island.
  • Also have a look at the funny Thai English we found there

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Charming Chiang Mai Pics

1 May

Massage literally on every corner of the street...

Not sure how to summarise Chiang Mai, the charming relaxed city of the North of Thailand: full of temples, nice hotels, yummy food, biking around town, smiley people, superb China town and night market, massage on every street corner (literally sometimes), street food a go-go, quaint old town, enjoying yourself for no money, just a night train away from Bangkok!

  • All of this and much more in 101 pictures (well, a few less…).
  • Also have a look at the Funny Thailand pics

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A little bit of Bangkok luxury

18 Dec

Bathroom with a view - develish design

On my way out from the Philippines I stayed one night in Manila: impossible traffic & pollution, malls & chains of shops everywhere, continuous nagging by touts & salespersons. So it was like arriving in heaven when I checked into a 4-star airport hotel near Bangkok airport… (even though i once said I’d never go to 4 star hotels again…)

And when I hopped into town (before my flight to Phnom Penh the next day) to bring my computer to hospital the service was unequalled by anything I’d experienced before.

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Love or leave Louise?

17 Aug
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Louise

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Louise

No, Louise isn’t my new girlfriend. Also, it doesn’t refer to some guy called Louis or Lewis (I wish) but it’s the area where I’m living now. It’s in the upper part of town, with the fancy shops, the wannabe people and prices taking advantage of their snobbism. However, I’m lodging at the edge of this ‘beau monde’ (the beautiful world), where the seedy services to the chique people are hiding.

The Louise quarter I live in is catalogued as the fancy part of town – or at least that’s what the people there think – and that’s what you pay for.

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