Evacuation from Berlin

Evacuation from Berlin

Part of travelling is to be confronted with oneself – faced with different cultures, in a different environment, meeting all kinds of different people. (See also Comments page)

In the preparation of my Asia trip, I went to Berlin to arrange some things with my past (VIPs can read more here), In the process I bought a ‘Worry Angel‘, a little glass angel (probably made in China ; -). If you tell your worries to the Angel, it will take care of them and you’ll be less worried…


I found a replacement for my broken angel: Prawnesh

Originally, the Worry Angel was for ‘someone else’, but as I had to evacuate from Berlin to avoid more damage done to myself, I decided I could well use the Worry Angel for myself to guide me during my Asia Trip and to watch over me.

  • So I’ll be posting different pictures of the Angel on this page, wherever I go. And I’ll be safe from worries ;-)
  • And also find many ‘real’ guardian angels who were at my goodbye party.
  • Oh nooooooo!!! I dropped my guardian angel during my Angkor Wat temple visit – so I’ll have to find another protector for my trip…
  • And I found my new protective god in Kep – a hand made pink prawn: the god Prawnesh is watching over me from now on.

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