Give wings to your wordsIdeoScript – Wings for your ideas

  • You want to make sure your texts are read and understood?
  • That they jump out and are pleasant to read?

Travelony started his copywriter & communication company IdeoScript in January 2010. He’s the perfect person to help you with your communication, in Dutch and international English (for non-native speakers). He’s a qualified copywriter and has over 10 years of writing experience for a variety of organisations.

IdeoScript can develop your text from scratch based on your briefing (in English, French, German, Spanish & Dutch) or rewrite your existing material to make it more to the point and reader friendly. Or we can localise your information in English, French, German, Spanish & northern Dutch  into Dutch adapted to Belgian context.

  • Because you surely want to get your message across, no?

You can use IdeoScript for the following (and lots more):

Make your texts stand out

  • reporting & presentations for your international events and seminars
  • developing your communication material (brochures, mailing, websites,…)
  • writing your educational materials, reports, handbooks and manuals
  • streamlining your (multilingual) website and optimise its user-friendliness
  • content articles for your magazines, newsletters, publications, etc.
  • entertaining texts such as travel stories, fairy tales, etc.

  • .

IdeoScript bvba contact details

  • email ~ Tony[at]IdeoScript[dot]com
  • tel/sms ~ +32-48 46 44 22 1
  • post ~ rue Maurice Bertrand straat 555, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
  • skype ~ tony_geudens
  • BTW (VAT) ~ BE BE 0538.880.431
  • Bank ~ BIC: GEBABEBB &  IBAN: BE84 0017 0771 0359

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