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Are you Blue or Yellow?

4 Sep
Find out what colour you are (colours can vary, letters not)

Find out what colour you are (colours can vary, letters not)

No I’m not referring to you being a Belgian smurf or an Asian (who by the way are more like café au lait than yellow from what I’ve seen). There’s some companies earning big bucks with testing what colour people are.

  • Maybe you’re interested to find out what colour you are?
  • And what those colours mean and which colours you are compatible with.
  • It’s like horoscope: same same but different, more psychologically sound (let’s hope).

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The world of Suits & Ties

30 Aug
Is it (still) me?

Is it (still) me?

I was playing with the idea already a long time: Should I ‘grow up’ and buy a suit – for all those occasions of dressing up, without it being carnival all the same (weddings & funerals). When in Poland, 200% supported by my good friend & life coach, who’s living and loving the business world, I did make the jump into this very new world of Suits & Ties, learning all the unwritten rules & revelations. The result (pics below) does look oh-so-cool on me (they say ;-). The cost of this initiation: 300€.

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The perfect house

28 Aug
The full-automatic house...

The full-automatic house... (Madonna concert on big screen)

Living in a shoebox, squatting my friends’ place, I started thinking about how nice it would be to have my own place. Or to have a place that I can make my own, preferably in the countryside, where there’s space and green

  • If you find some lovely big cheap and charming house in the countryside somewhere – LET ME KNOW ;-)

And then I went to visit my friend in Warsaw, Poland who’s crazy about gadgets and has built his apartment about 100% tailor-made – including a whole hoist of gadgetry. Why not?

  • Lots of cool ideas – now I only have to find the house that goes with it…

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Rainbow Disco Fauna

26 Aug
The amazing & amuzing disco fauna & flora

The amazing & amuzing disco fauna & flora

It’s more fun than watching television. The show is live and unpredictable. And you don’t even pay for it (besides the entrance fee). Yep, I went to a (gay) disco again after being absent from the party world for a long long time (what’s even more: I went in Antwerp and once again when I was in Poland). It does require some sacrifice, because it doesn’t start till 2am, but once the guys get going, there’s no end to the amazement & amusement. Till the lights go on at 6am, which turns this fairy tale into harsh reality.

  • PS If you have a categorisation of the Gay world (fun or serious) I would be happy to read about it – Add it in the comments below?

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