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Fishy Food in Norway

26 Jan

Everything is fish - heeeeeelp !!

I went to Tromsø to visit friends during the Film Festival there. This seems to be THE happening of the year, so people from all corners of Norway flock in, and everybody meets up with everybody – resulting in a traditional dinner here and there.

The kingdom of Fish Food

One evening we went with a bunch of friends of friends to a Norwegian fish restaurant, just next to the harbour (even though the fish nowadays comes from the supermarket instead of the fishermen’s boats). There was the traditional warm-up which took place in the pub downstairs, with a big beer each in our hands, before moving up for some really fishy food. Continue reading

Roaming around the Arctic Circle

21 Jan

Fairy tale wooden houses

Opportunities lie in small places, for example in Tromsø, a few hundred km North of the Arctic Circle, where i went to visit some friends I’d known for 6 hours before… They live in a Norwegian fairy-tale world, with wooden houses, trolls and fjords. It’s not only cold there, but also dark – except for all the lights. It’s like living in a christmas tree. An expensive one, because I felt like a poor 3rd world boy when i saw all the prices…

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