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How much luxury do you want?

17 Feb

Annora Bali - Flower petals on arrival

I had the pleasure to travel with a good friend of mine, who for one reason or another finds his way to luxury… I just follow. But during this (and previous) trips I had the chance to stay in some quite special places – unaffordable in Belgium, but quite accessible here (even for a self-employed copywriter who just finished his last contract) – Pics below. Continue reading

Bargaining at the doctor’s

16 Feb

The result of all the bargaining... Health (let's hope)

Even though the volcanic hot springs were heaven – judging from the Indonesian angels splashing around in the water ;-) the baths did not turn out as healthy as they proclaimed to be. By the time we arrived in Seminyak, my ear was twitching and hurting. Nothing that a short visit to our local doctor can’t fix – even though that also involved some negotiation and bargaining skills… with the doctor and the nurse! Continue reading

Bali road trip – lot’s of road

15 Feb

Sticky rice on the rice terraces

For some reason Indonesia (Bali) seems tougher to get around in than Thailand. There’s a lot more ‘services’ that just blatantly rip you off – with a friendly smile. Once you get a feel for the prices though, you can get good deals – so we booked ourselves a trip around Bali, mixing and matching the ‘standard tours’ and going off the tourist trail a bit. I’m not sure if the mixing of different sights was a good idea, as we ended up spending quite some hours in the car getting to the sights… But I guess that a road trip involves being on the road… lots of road… Pics below. Continue reading

Protected: My first training course in Asia

18 May

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Protected: Happy holidays with-out internet?

7 May

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Funny Indonesia Pictures

27 Apr

Below is a set of pictures that Ithought were funny, different, special, gorgeous and sticking out. There’s of course many more pictures in the Indonesia Posts

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Solo Picture post

27 Apr
What would I do without AirAsia

What would I do without AirAsia

Basically I just went to Solo because I found a cheap AirAsia flight from Solo to Kuala Lumpur. Solo is the competitor city with Jogjakarta to be Indonesia’s intellectual capital, with good universities and political dissidents. Solo is smaller than Jogja, but therefore a bit more authentically Indonesian (or should I say Javanese) and more relaxed. And that’s what I did – a day of relaxing – just wandering around the city without a clue – seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling,…

But I did come across some of the sights: Sultan’s palace (similar to Jogja), Dutch leftover buildings, some temples and many mosques (it’s only in Java I realized Indonesia is a mainly muslim country, Bali is majoritarian Hindu).

  • Some pictures below

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