Let’s all go to Phi Phi Island

10 Feb
Follow the masses into boats, islands and snorkling

Follow the masses into boats, islands and snorkling

What does one do when one is in Phuket. Well, some would go to all the girly or boy bars. Well, we didn’t. We went on another kind of tour, which is just as much advertised on the corner of each street: a boat trip to Phi Phi Island (Ko Phi Phi).

Already when arriving at Phuket airport, the tourist hunters try to trick you in all kind of different ways into tours, packages, accommodation, services and what not (yep, probably also those).So if you’d take the cheapest option of airport transport (a shared mini-bus taxi), there’s an obligatory passage via an office where they pretend they just want to find out where they should drop you off, but in fact they try to push all kinds of accommodation and tours. Buy a Phi Phi tour there and you pay triple the price – shop around in the different beach road stalls and bargain to a third of that.

Looks good, huh, when the dozens other boats are out of sight?

Looks good, huh, when the dozens other boats are out of sight?

We were curious to see what Phuket was like (since millions go there every year, including Thais) and had booked a divine design hotel at Patong beach (pics here). The hotel was luckily enough a bit away of the Pattaya or Gran Canaria style tasteless beach hustle & bustle. And frankly, there’s not lots of charm in Phuket, if you’re not hunting for fun or for other raunchy activities.

Since we were looking neither for fun, nor those other ‘fun’ activities, we headed for the pristine beaches (pics below). And indeed there are magnificent sea- and landscapes around. It’s just sad that the way to get to them is ‘en masse’ packed in speedboats fighting for a space on the beautifull beaches and islands. Like standing in line for a picture on the island where they filmed ‘the beach’, pushing boats away to come closer to the monkey beach, hearing the ladyboy tour guide on the boat next door making the same jokes as our ladyboy tour guide just did.

But some of the beaches and seascapes (as you can see on the pictures) are beautiful – now we just have to get rid of the tourists… Or go to a lovely Thai massage in the evening, to put your ideas and your bones back in a more positive perspective.


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