Bye bye Bangkok

12 May

My kingdom for a pink BKK taxi

The end: a last torture massage, stuffing myself with Thai favourites, a last dip in the pool (35°), a last walk through the Red Shirt war zone, a few more kg of cheap clothes before jumping in a violently pink taxi to the airport – sniff sniff.

  • So I had my last massage – spontaneously being offered the choice between a male or female masseur (I love this country) – the guy wrestled me, walked all over me, tortured me, but it was sooo good (afterwards).
  • Smiling a last time at the funny things they write in the menus and on signs – I adore the Thai English ;-)
  • A last dip in the swimming pool under the palm trees. Soaking up the last rays of sun and enjoying the 35 degrees Celsius – the last time wearing shorts at the rate the Belgian temperatures are going (3-5 degrees – Heeeeeelp!)
  • Forget about coffee n cake - it's sticky rice n mango here (TH)

    Indulging in my last bites of Thai food – feasting on my last mango and sticky rice drowned in coconut cream – mmmm – and spooning up my last devilish hot Thai curry: green, red, yellow, panang,… (love sees no colour – I love them all)

  • Going on a last shopping spree to the world famous Chatuchak market – buying another few kg of ridiculously cheap designer T-shirts and shorts – I’ll never be able to buy clothes in Belgium again knowing that prices in Thailand are one fifth…
  • We had a last walk through the Red Shirts’ camp near Silom (more here) – not the last time because I’m leaving the country, but also because the Thai prime minister promised to cut off the water and electricity in the area and clean up the insurgents.
  • And then a last ride in a violently pink taxi (that’s the kind of pink I like, poisonous and protruding) to the airport, where the check-in staff gives me a last Thai smile and traditional wai (hands together in front of chest) when boarding – sigh – that was it again…

Thailand, I will miss you.


One Response to “Bye bye Bangkok”

  1. mushin 20 May 2010 at 13:21 #

    Taxi’s in Brussels are slightly less violent I guess, at least as poisonous but a lot less pink and protruding.

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