Help – Post travel depression!

29 Dec

I vote for hot weather

I’ve just been a day in Brussels and I’m depressed already. Where are all the smiling faces ;-) ? And this weather, isn’t it beyond acceptable?! The EU should make a directive against miserably grey & wet weather. That would be a useful ruling for a change (hehe). Cuz, what do I do now with all my Thai boy-shorts & slim-fit T-shirts?

I need to really control my urges here, as everything is about 3-5 times more expensive than ‘in my second home’ over there in Boracay. If I’d live the same lifestyle in Brussels I’d be bankrupt in about 3 minutes (well, 3 days)…

  • Life’s not easy after travelling in Asia
  • Weeeeeeeehhh – I wanna go back!

It hit me hard, very

From 35° sun into 4° rain - NOOOoooo!!

There must be a medical term for it, as it really is a pathological psycho & somatical condition: the travel withdrawal syndrome, or back-home-itis, or manic away-ism,… In each case, it hit me hard.

Just imagine…

One pretty afternoon, you’re lying at the pool, 35° C sipping a mango shake. That evening you get on a plane which leaves you (after sleeping on the floor of the mosque in Abu Dhabi – head towards Mekka of course) back home sweet home: 4° C, raining and grey

Double duvet survival trick

I nearly froze to death on the way from the airport to my apartment as (of course) I didn’t have a coat with me (who needs a coat anyway in South-East Asia – except for aircon buses and buildings). It’s sooo cold in my apartment, I’m wearing a jacket inside (to help the central heating a bit) and put 2 duvets on my bed (its weight crushing me into a pancake)…

Where are the smiles gone?

It definitely hit me that people in Brussels hardly smile. And if they do, their shawls and hats hide them carefully. It seems that people (and traffic) just rush by. Mind you, traffic in SEAsia is also wild & wicket, but it seems to butterfly around you. Here in Brussels, you’re in the line of fire of arrows shooting by. If I get hit by one, please do celebrate the new year first and cremate me later ;-)

  • But I suspect it’s a city thing – so maybe I should make a move to the countryside (stop talking about it – just do it)

Nothing compares to this - Haven't seen this around Brussels

And is it me or are people less attractive here? It might be the 6 layers of vests, shirts, coats and scarves that does not withstand comparison with the scarcely clad guys & girls on the Boracay beaches (and then I didn’t even mention the latest Thai beach fashion…). And the red dripping nose suffering from the cold does not really add to the attraction either. Sigh.

RIP – shorts & swimmers

So sad - Will miss you - till next Summer (or trip)

It was so great to go around the malls shopping for shorts & swimwear, because you would be actually using them the next day. So when I unpacked my suitcase, it hit home to me that all the acquisitions will be useless, until the start of Summer or the commence of Climate Change (whichever comes first).

  • So I symbolically buried my shorts & swimmers with tears in my eyes…

From economic pleasure back to economic crisis

I must have made the economy turn in Asia, with my (moderate) spendings. A nice little hotel here, a lovely meal there. A fruit-shake on the beach, a cocktail in the sunset. A new souvenir T-shirt to push laundry day away, new flipflops to visit new places. And all of that for just a few Pesos (PH), Baht (TH) or Dollars (KH) – which on top of that were cheap with the strong Euro.

My 'please-let-me-travel-soon-again' shrine

So coming back to Belgium was a bit of a shock. I just went shopping for basic food to get me through the next days which set me back 20€. I could survive a week on local food with that money down South-East, or stay in a nice hotel, or invite everyone on the beach for a cocktail…

  • So if I don’t watch out, I’ll be bankrupt before my copywriter company even takes off!

Anyone likes me?

In Asia even the Fish liked my feet!

The nice thing about travelling is that you’re the obvious odd one out. And in Asia people would love to be white (judging from all the whitening creams you find in the drug store). Big noses are considered WOW (maybe because of the ‘myth’ that everything is proportionate) and if on top of that you have blue eyes, you’re like a film star

Well not in Brussels, where people don’t even notice you – or rather – ignore you. I must have become invisible. Except when you’re in their way, like the cashier of the supermarket who scolded me for taking so long finding my Euros amongst my Baht & Dollars, or the call centre agent who told to ‘fxck off’ when trying to sort out a problem (in other words, but still).

A little light in the darkness

The only thing i need to survive - easy

Of course it’s not all bad back home! I do love to have my crunchy muesli with natural yoghurt back, and ‘real’ bread that you can actually bite into (not the soft sponges I had in PH & TH). Oh and fresh salad with diverse toppings & real cheese (as opposed to only canned tuna or processed horrible cheese).

  • But if that’s the only thing I’ve missed, maybe I should consider moving there…
  • And take a suitcase full of crunchy muesli, bread and cheese ;-)

One Response to “Help – Post travel depression!”

  1. Miriel 30 December 2009 at 12:04 #

    Welcome back… [lol] … I can see it’s not easy… but you will got used to it very soon! At least I do hope so.

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