SALTO Inclusion colleague wanted

10 Dec

Looking to replace the 2 SALTO Inclusion girls

2010 will be the year of change for me. I’ll be back at work for SALTO Inclusion (besides occasional freelancing on the beach, I hope) AND we’re looking for a new SALTO Inclusion colleague (full time, starting March 2010):

  • someone with experience and vision on Social In/Exclusion and operational skills to run training courses, meetings, a website, PR & communication.

In return you get an exciting international job, making a difference for young people that need it most. You will be working in Brussels (at the heart of the EU) but there are lots of opportunities to travel and a competitive salary for Belgian standards.

Maybe you’re the one?

Are you the new SALTO Inclusion colleague?

My colleague Ann Hendriks is leaving SALTO after 6 years for another job. It won’t be easy to replace her, but still. We are looking for a new SALTO Inclusion super(wo)man with (as many as possible of) the following qualities:

  • international experience with social inclusion of young people, policies and strategies to support it, someone with vision on social inclusion
  • good writing & communication skills, someone at ease in cooperating and negotiating with different players in the European field of social inclusion
  • an operational project manager (lots of organising to do: courses, meetings, conferences, keeping track of different needs, anticipating, etc)
  • steering people: e.g. managing international teams, participants, conducting meetings, etc – intercultural competence will be needed
  • someone who’s not afraid of computers, websites & content management systems (SALTO’s main tool is its website)
  • fluent working knowledge of English (e.g. writing publications, speaking in front of groups, etc. Other working languages are a plus.
  • higher education degree

If this could be you download the full job description & application procedure

Document yourself first

In case you don’t know very well, what SALTO Inclusion is doing, have a look at the following pages before applying:

What do you get in return?

You shouldn't be afraid of flying/traveling

SALTO Inclusion/Jint is not only demanding lots of skills, it also gives lots in return:

  • You’ll get a full time contract starting from 1-3-2010 or ASAP, a gross salary of appr. 37500 € per year (details attached) plus 20 days off and time in lieu for evening & weekend work
  • Working for SALTO Inclusion (I find) is an exciting international job (opportunities to travel), well resourced and at the centre of developments in the youth field in Europe
  • I think it’s a job with a mission, which contributes to social inclusion of young people in Europe, but at the same time SALTO Inclusion & JINT offer lots of potential for professional development (learn new things, training, etc)
  • You’ll become part of both JINT (young pleasant working atmosphere) and the SALTO network (international cooperation) – both well developed stable organisations (longer term perspective)
  • Even though English will be the working language, JINT offers you a Dutch language course to get more involved in Flanders and the JINT–office (mostly conducted in Dutch)
  • JINT gives assistance in relocation – if needed (finding accommodation, dealing with the paper work, tax & social security,…)

What will you be doing?

Meetings, seminars, courses

Together with me ;-) you ‘ARE’ the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre. We’ll cooperate on and/or divide all the inclusion tasks that need to be done (see workplan), such as:

  • cooperate and reflect with different players to develop future ideas, strategies and actions to support inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
  • policy support activities, develop vision texts/strategies on inclusion
  • develop/collect inclusion resources and make them accessible (publications, web, good practices, spread info,…)
  • organising & leading courses, seminars, meetings,… for youth workers or National Agencies
  • maintain the SALTO Inclusion pages & TOY
  • cooperation with the SALTO Network (transversal tasks on behalf of the network), National Agencies of the Youth in Action programme, European Commission, and others
  • communication & PR, re/presentation work, participate in relevant meetings

Wanna be my colleague? Apply!

Get those applications going!

Send the JINT director Koen Lambert ( the following documents (in English) by 31 January 2010 at the latest:

    1. Motivation Letter (why do you apply & what can you offer?)
    2. Curriculum Vitae (European CV)
    3. A short Paper (max 3 pages A4) about your vision on the question:  “What role do you see for SALTO Inclusion in the framework of the renewed European cooperation on youth ?”

      After a first selection round (based on the documents above), a number of candidates will be invited for a job interview (either in Brussels, or via phone).

      • Good luck should you apply!
      • and who knows we’ll be SALTO colleagues?!

      6 Responses to “SALTO Inclusion colleague wanted”

      1. chris 12 December 2009 at 16:16 #

        I start to wonder how it’d be like to be ur colleague, lol, but unfortunately i am not a social inclusion expert

      2. Christy 13 December 2009 at 03:55 #

        Must I be a member of the EU to apply? I am a resident of the United States of America.

        Thanks for the post.

      3. travelony 13 December 2009 at 06:03 #

        As a SALTO “Inclusion” Resource Centre, it would be hard for us to EXclude anyone with the right profile (social in/exclusion experience, policy & practice responses to exclusion, youth work & training, operational skills to manage projects, conferences, websites, etc).

        It might make the ‘relocation’ a bit more challenging, but in principle we’re open for all applications…

      4. Vegard I. 13 January 2010 at 23:25 #

        I hope all is well with Salto-Youth. I think it would be a perfect thing to establish a twitter account for Salto-Youth in order to share all of your wonderful tools for youth trainers.

        Keep the spirit high and share all the training wisdom in smaller pieces.

      5. Tony Geudens 14 January 2010 at 12:42 #

        Hello Vegard -we’ll be celebrating 10 years of SALTO in 2010 so it’s gonna be a big year for us.

        I personally like the Twitter idea to promote our resources more widely (maybe there’s new target audiences we might connect to in this way?) – but that would be a general SALTO decision – and of course work for someone to send around these messages.

        To be continued…. (feel free to ask me regularly what happened with your idea)

      6. Vegard 14 January 2010 at 12:57 #

        Congratulations with the upcoming 10 years aniversary! Your team and colleagues have had an impressive production over the last decade.

        Through Twitter the Salto Youth team will definetely connect with new audiences. Even though it may be a far fetched comparison, the Harvard Business Review (a journal) has 49,000 followers.

        Here’s what I believe would be one way of taking action: Look for people in the Salto-Youth network outside the head office who are already active social media producers. If you approach them with the idea of taking on the responsibility of sharing Salto-Youth tools, they’ll probably be delighted to take on the responsibility. As long as this is okay for the management of SALTO, of course.

        We’ll be in touch.

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