Punny Pinoy things

8 Dec

Dangerous life at the beach

The Philippines are weird or ‘punny’ (as they don’t have the letter F in Tagalog). At first you think that it is a nice mix between Asia, Spain & the US (familiar elements) but the longer you stay the more unfamiliar funny things you come accross. The Pinoy definitely speak a special language – and it’s not English (even though many say the Pinoys are good at English). They must mean they’re excelling in Phinglish or Tagalish ;-)

A crazy crazy world – but soooo much fun

  • The title 'Mr Phone' goes to... Philippines

    there are no toilets (or WC) here: here you get rid of your ‘discomfort’ at the CR: the comfort room ;-)

  • they don’t ‘recharge’ their pre-paid phone cards, but they put ‘load’. Similarly they don’t have credit, but they have ‘load’, or more often ‘no load’ (from the people I met here) – but Philippines wouldn’t be Philippines if you could not pass on load from one person to another’s phone via a simple SMS. That’s new to me. And nice.
  • Mobile phones are so much part of life here that I’ve never seen anyone without it (including my friends in a coversation) for more than 5 minutes.
  • consequence is also that one SMS text message costs only 1 peso (less than 2 EuroCENTS) – compare that to 10 cents per message in Belgium! At this price the Pinoy are world champions in SMSing
  • they don’t have ‘safe deposits’ in hotel rooms, but real ‘vaults’ (took me 5 minutes to understand)
  • You are kindly invited to 'mass indoctrination'

    when landing by plane, the local time is ‘X minutes past the hour four’ instead of X past four.

  • ‘spots’ under the sun here are called ‘pimples’ (American influence I suppose)
  • did you ever get invited to a ‘mass indoctrination’ session, well they have here (see pic)
  • forget about Christmas trees (they do have fake ones) but they do stars here for Christmas – no (of few) garlands, Xmas balls & co, but stars (more about Xmas at the beach here)
  • they looooove abbreviations. The other day some friends were talking about LBM. Guess… Loose Bowel Movements! What happened to good old diarrhoea? (too difficult too write?)
  • OCW are overseas contract worker or DH domestic helper (2 of the main export products of Philippines…)
  • The best and weirdest desert in the world: Halo Halo

    If you ever go to the Phils or eat in a Pinoy restaurant, you should definitely try Halo Halo, the typical dessert which has as ingredients: shaved ice, red beans, tapioca, coconut, marshmallows, sweet potato, banana, cornflaces and a scoop of icecream on top – mmmm

  • The most confusing for me was the ‘eh-eh’ or ‘oh oh’ sound they make to confirm a statement. In Belgium this would mean ‘no way’ but her it means ‘sure’ or ‘yes’
  • And they reply ‘yes’ to a negative question to agree with the negative statement (opposite in Belgium) e.g. Aren’t you cold? The answer ‘yes’ means they are not cold… (whereas in Belgium you would reply ‘no, I’m not cold’ – confusing but fun once you discover the key…

Add your own funny experiences with the Pinoys in the comments box below – “God love them!” (that must be the case with the several overdose preaching channels they have on TV ;-)


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