Birthday on the beach

2 Dec

Birthday on the beach - 1 Dec 09

Coming to the Philippines was a birthday present to myself, but when my birthday arrived, there were a few surprises waiting for me – both positive and negative. Someone invited me for a beach dinner, live serenade included. But nobody else seemed to be thinking of me on my birthday ;-( till the day after…

I felt something coming

Happy Breakfast at the hotel

I knew something was coming up, after the birthday surprise I concocted for my Boracay angel back in June (VIPs can read here). I told him not to go through too much trouble (and money), but of course those kind of statements are easily ignored.

He had spread the word around, so from the moment I got up on 1st of December, the staff of the hotel wished me happy birthday, the waiters of the coffee bar downstairs, the cleaners, the owner, etc.

Why does nobody send me birthday messages?

Getting cosy on the beach

The rest of the day was a bit disappointing. I was waiting for birthday messages to come in, mail or mobile, but nothing. I even tried to fish for some birthday wishes via facebook, but to no avail. So by the evening I had almost sunk into depression, if it weren’t for my lover-boy to text me “Could you come to the beach in front of my guesthouse?”…

Off I went, with a big smile, full of anticipation. And there he was, taking me by the hand, leading me towards the seashore. He had laid a mat on the silvery sand, set candles all around and we cuddled up with the pillows for more comfort. And then he dug into a shopping bag to serve dinner, wine and all, with the waves, coconut trees  and stars as decor… Wow.

Birthday serenade - unbelievable

But the best was yet to come. 3 young guys with a few music instruments walked over and started playing happy birthday for me, followed by some love songs. My teacher boyfriend had arranged some of his students to come and play a serenade for us.

  • Perfect !  ;-)

2 happy days for the price of one

I won’t tell you what the dinner & serenade led to, except that it took us way into the 2nd of December. And that’s when all of a sudden all the birthday wishes from my friends at home start coming in. Of course, there’s 7 hours time difference!

  • That explains why the messages came late…
  • So it was a happy birthday plus a second belated happy day

More happy dinners on the beach

Casual dinner on deseted beach...

The advantage of having friends in Boracay, is that they have boarding houses ‘sur place’. The lodgings have cooking stoves and they know the local produce better than anyone else. So we would cook and take out the food to eat on the beach.

So even though the QUANTITYof the salary slip is nothing to write home about, the QUALITY of life is something to envy:

  • a smiling sun, turquoise waves, silvery white beaches, coconut trees lining the shore…
  • cocktail stands, eateries, beach bars every few meters along the beach, happy hour virtually all day long…
  • and at night, you just take out a table, a mat, some candles  and eat or lie on the beach, gazing at the stars…
  • Sigh…

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