German Carnival on Spanish Gay beach

11 Nov

They actually ran around like this all day...

It’s a quite funny mix of circumstances: pile heaps of gay guys together on a Spanish nude beach – add to that the German Carnival which starts on 11 November 11h11 am – add an incredible number of bottles of bubbles (anything from German Sekt to Spanish Cava) – and you get surreal scenes of drag and drinking…


I like the trunks - the colour i mean ;-)

I vaguely remember that we saw similar scenes last year, but didn’t quite think of it when booking holidays under the (gay) sun this time round. Many Germans did have this date pencilled in thick fat letters in their agendas, because the beach was 3 times as crowded as usual.

  • A crowd, because it’s nice weather in Gran Canaria when everywhere else in Europe it’s horribly grey n cold winter weather, credit crunch or not.
  • Double, as crowded because celebrating November carnival in the sun (instead of cold and rain in Germany) appeals to many.
  • Triple, because of the word spreading amongst gay and straight alike, about the over-the-top scenes happening on the gay beach.
  • There were so many boobs around (nude beach, remember) that I felt like a 2 month old again…

Here's to the Germans - cheers!

It’s strange how this German custom mingles with the other nationalities present. Some avoid the beach all together (too many Germans, too much drinking, too many spectators, too many boobs,…?), others, like us, just join in the fun – at least in the drinking. Cheers!

  • As for the dressing up – we dressed up like ‘clothed bathers’ on the nude beach… LOL



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