Life’s a beach

9 Nov

Funny bunch at the beach

Some people say, life’s a bitch – others not. It’s like the glass which is half empty or half full. To support this adage, I took off with some friends to Gran Canaria. Some would think this is part of Spain, but actually it’s rather German or British…

  • And some pictures (avoids us sending postcards – the digital age has well arrived!)

We’ve been many times before, so life went its way, as it does on holidays at the beach, not even trying to kill ‘old habbits‘. Sorry, no ‘cultural’ holidays this time – ‘intercultural’ all the more with all the ‘foreigners’ on the beach…

Here’s a typical day in Gran Canaria (or should i say Gay Canaria)

  • getting up early around 10-11am (but not too early- because the first one who shows signs of life has to get the buns)
  • breakfast on the terrace overlooking the swimming pool, the famous Maspalomas dunes and the sea
  • big discussions whether we’ll spend the day at the beach or the pool – but whatever it’ll be, a bit of exercise to look the part
  • The most beautiful dune landscape ever

    The most beautiful dune landscape ever

    pumping up our muscles with some instant exercise (5 minutes) – creaming up and packing our beach bags for the beach or pool (the beach involves a 30 minute walk throug the biggest dune formation i’ve ever seen)

  • soaking up the sun, going for a dip, doing neck exercises watching people left, right and centre – and finally some time to read my books (or listen to my audio-books = reading for lazy people)
  • then stress kicks in, because before 4pm we have to arrive in the Wiener Café to eat cake, together with the rest of the people from the gay beach
  • to get rid of the calories – we do some serious sports – Air-hockey – the most exciting, adrenaline and muscle-pumping game on Earth
  • on our way home, doing some obligatory detours via the shops, which basically all sell the same tourist junk or overpriced designer clothes
  • so after all the seeing and be seen, it’s time to go home to remove all the sand from places you wouldn’t think sand would ever get to
  • by 6pm, we pop open a bottle to accompany the beautiful sunset which we contemplate from our balcony – drawing up some new life philosophies
  • us being very unspanish, like the rest of the island, we take our siesta at this moment of the day, to be able to go out, as disco’s in Spain typically start at 1 or 2 at night (despite the untypical fauna)
  • 10pm – time to make ourselves beautiful (for some a bit easier than others) to go out for dinner in the mythical Yumbo shopping centre: the building defies architecture by its ugliness and the food is an international mix of horror and familiarity.
  • next challenge of the evening is to find a place on the boulevard of gay terraces, leaning back to see all the colours of the rainbow walk by, duely commenting the specimen in a far too loud voice, while sipping a caipirinha or cava
  • a few walks around the gay bars in all styles (German carnaval, retirees salon dancing, bears flirting with chubbies, waiters in underwear, vulgar English drag, cruising in jeans & leather, boyish girly bars or girlish boy bars, etc)
  • and then (finally) it’s time to move up to the 4th floor of the shopping centre just in time for the happy hour which ends at 1 – fuelling ourselves for a few dance steps to the beat of popcorn videos projected on dozens of screens
  • another day survived

4 Responses to “Life’s a beach”

  1. mushin 14 November 2009 at 11:56 #

    damn, no way this description looks my day yesterday, today or tomorrow

    but, enjoy ! january is closing in fast :-)

  2. chris 14 November 2009 at 13:23 #

    I didn’t know that u guys were going together. So much fun! and I had to stay here playing badminton! that’s not fair….

    by the photos, it seems to be a very very very gay holiday :)

  3. Tim 14 November 2009 at 14:11 #

    Hello greetings from Brussels..
    Have fun and take care – don’t get lost in the Dunes !

  4. Frederic 16 November 2009 at 16:59 #

    Des vrais “bitch” qui travaillent à la plage :-)
    Voyant le thermomètre, je suppose que les vacances se passent bien.
    Des plans pour l’anniversaire de mon ami Marco? Je propose une balade au “Construction”.
    Gros bisous !!

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