Bad hair day: Before > After

30 Oct
short hair

I'm still "Same Same ... but Different"

Sometimes it happens… It comes from deep inside… CHANGE. In my case change exteriorised itself in my hairdo. Why not do something compleeeetely different…?

  • So not sure you’ll recognise me when we meet next ;-)

There’s more and more of my friends who opt for a hairstyle defying the definition of “short”. Often their hair affair is not dictated by style, but by nature. Let’s say that I belong to the same age-group.

Less is more?

In my copywriter course the teachers are always going on about “Less is More”. This is also the case about one’s head. The less hair you have, the more you notice the details of your head and face.

  • so maybe I shouldn’t have taken the picture first thing in the morning
  • a pimple certainly looks 5 times bigger on a bold/shaved head
  • I can’t help thinking people will see me as a regular of the Duquesnoy (and I don’t mean the street > rather the bar)
  • So I’ll have to dress smart to compensate the skin-head look ;-)

But as we say in Dutch “Verandering van spijs doet eten” (a change of food brings appetite) – anyone hungry? LOL


One Response to “Bad hair day: Before > After”

  1. maplesyrup21 31 October 2009 at 03:25 #

    you look cute with either of your hairstyles

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