Working hard, (soon) traveling hard

23 Oct
  • I’m writing a few publications (big time), in quite drastic conditions: a kitchen table, a hard chair and an office lamp stuck to a cupboard because no lamps on the ceiling yet (see pics below)
  • At the same time I’m moving house (again) from the cramped windowless shoe box in Louise to a huge room, with window this time but without furniture, nor curtains… (and lots of opposite neighbours). Thank buddha for cardboard boxes (see pics below).
  • And I’m organising some ‘serious’ traveling before I start working at SALTO again in January (that will be tough!). But first 2 weeks of relaxing in Gran Canaria to be rested for another month of a concentrated sequal to my Asia trip: Philippines, Cambodia & christmas shopping in Bangkok ;-)

…so that’s why I’m a bit offline… Soon back with more stories.


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