Are you Blue or Yellow?

4 Sep
Find out what colour you are (colours can vary, letters not)

Find out what colour you are (colours can vary, letters not)

No I’m not referring to you being a Belgian smurf or an Asian (who by the way are more like café au lait than yellow from what I’ve seen). There’s some companies earning big bucks with testing what colour people are.

  • Maybe you’re interested to find out what colour you are?
  • And what those colours mean and which colours you are compatible with.
  • It’s like horoscope: same same but different, more psychologically sound (let’s hope).

I often go to meet my good friend in Poland, and it tends to coincide with periods in my life that are filled with questions: about life & love, work & wickedness, inner & outer concerns. So he’s sort of my life coach. He solved my ‘Should I get a suit’-problem by dragging me to an outlet store and make me buy a lovely Polish suit (read here).

In the course of my week in Warsaw, he would mention at different moments: ‘you’re sooo yellow’, ‘that’s too blue for me’, ‘stop being red’, etc. This secret colour language comes from the business world and his professional deformation as a business consultant.

DISC model – or are you Red, Blue, Yellow, Green?
(colours can vary according to company, it’s the D I S C letters that matter)

Based on Jung’s personality theory (introverted & extraverted) and some other psycho-elements, Marston developed the DISC psychometric model in 1928. Different companies have jumped on it and sell it to different companies for big bucks (but it is also explained on internet – e.g. here)

  • Are you rather INTROVERTED (reserved, thinker, you recharge your energy when alone) or EXTRAVERTED (outgoing, social, you get energy from being with others)?
  • Are you rather GOAL ORIENTED (focus on task, getting things done) or PEOPLE ORIENTED (focus on relation, the process how people are involved)?

Based on your general preference you are one of the following colours*

Red = power & dominance

Red = power & dominance

RED = Extraverted & Goal Oriented = Dominant, Doers

  • Red people want to get the job done, and are good in ‘using’ (mobilising) others to reach (their) goals. They are good at overcoming obstacles and never quit. They like challenges & control and want to be in charge. They are constantly looking for new ideas to do the task better.
  • Red people want to know WHAT? and are at their best in an upbeat, fast, powerful environment.

Yellow = friendly star

Yellow = friendly star

YELLOW = Extraverted & People Oriented = Influence, Inspirational, Impulsive

  • Yellow people are the stars & gurus that crave attention & recognition. They live for, with and through others. They are reat motivators, persuading others of their opinion. Friendly and easy to get to know them. Not so good on carrying out and finishing tasks.
  • Yellow people ask the question WHO? and need a fun, friendly and exciting environment to thrive.

Green = steady rock

Green = steady rock

GREEN = Introverted & People Oriented = Supportive, Stable, Steady

  • Green people are the ones you can rely on and are easy to cooperate with. They put their shoulders under common projects. They are on the outlook for approval of others and need a minimum of security. They make sure everybody is on board. They prefer tried out standards rather than new things.
  • Green people are concerned about WHO? and prefer predictable, stable and harmonious situations.

Blue = intellectual organiser

Blue = intellectual organiser

BLUE = Introverted & Task Oriented = Competent, Careful, Cautious

  • Blue people focus on quality, doing a good job, intellectual achievement. They are generally clever people and look for consistency & coherence. They are good in taking on big projects and break it down into little components. Saying their opinion is more important than to ‘how to say them (not so good diplomats).
  • Blue people continuously ask WHY? and like quality, accuracy and structure.

So what colour (letter) are you? How do you best cooperate with other colours?

*Of course people can be different colours/types in different situations. One personality style is not better than another. And others see us sometimes different than we see ourselves. Conclusion – don’t take it as hard science – but use it to reflect and learn ;-)


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