The perfect house

28 Aug
The full-automatic house...

The full-automatic house... (Madonna concert on big screen)

Living in a shoebox, squatting my friends’ place, I started thinking about how nice it would be to have my own place. Or to have a place that I can make my own, preferably in the countryside, where there’s space and green

  • If you find some lovely big cheap and charming house in the countryside somewhere – LET ME KNOW ;-)

And then I went to visit my friend in Warsaw, Poland who’s crazy about gadgets and has built his apartment about 100% tailor-made – including a whole hoist of gadgetry. Why not?

  • Lots of cool ideas – now I only have to find the house that goes with it…

Near to professional projector

Near to professional projector (and notice the curtain rails)

My friend is crazy about music – anywhere. So he customised his house to suit his taste.

  • the living room is equipped with a full surround dolby HD whatever sound system – the walls even have sockets to connect the loudspeakers – bye bye wires lying around.
  • there are built-in speakers everywhere, in the bathroom, bedroom and even on the toilet.
  • the sound system is connected to a home-cinema (to watch Madonna concerts of course). But when I say home-cinema it is projection on big screen (huge empty white wall 3,5x2m) via a dataprojector nicely mounted on the ceiling, and also connected via HD to his laptop: so we saw my Asia pictures on huge screen
  • Of course the whole sound, DVD & CD player, projector, radio & flat screen TV (in the bedroom) is steered by a programmable & rechargeable remote control – that works from anywhere in the house because of the capture sensors installed in strategic places
Dimmable, flexible spot lights, mirror ball, sky light,... you name it

Dimmable, flexible spot lights, mirror ball, sky light,... you name it

To add a bit effect to his private cinema, he integrated indirect sky-lights in his ceilings, as if there’s light coming from above the ceiling. Add to this all the flexible spots, dimmable of course, and a rotating mirrorball!!

  • It took me 3 days before I knew which switches actually operated which lights.

And to hide the office corner (computer table and some book shelves) they have built in a complete curtain rail in the false ceiling so that you can make the living room into cinema and office at the same time. Nifty.

Not ‘just a bathroom’

Funky rainforest shower - walk in wardrobe - flower motive sliding door

Funky rainforest shower - walk in wardrobe - flower motive sliding door

It’s amazing what you can do with a bathroom.

  • The rainforest rain shower is nicely integrated in a shower cabin built in black & rainbow shiny glass stones.
  • The mirror doors hide all the lotions and potions which otherwise clutter the bathroom. And 2 stained glass doors hide the washing machine and towel cabinet.
  • As I mentioned loudspeakers are integrated in the ceiling as well as a spiral of spots – and a skylight.
  • The radiator also serves as towel rack for a nice and warm hug when you come out of the shower or bath. And a ventilator next to the mirror ensures that you can see yourself, even when you just turned the bathroom into a Turkish steam bath.
  • Having also been to Asia recently, my friend also installed a ‘bum jet’ as they call ‘em, those showers for the behind: very refreshing and hygienic – mmm ;-)
  • And I forgot to mention the bathtub with a Jacuzzi mat for bubbles.
Hiding what needs to be hidden - bum jet under sink

Hiding what needs to be hidden - bum jet under sink

Between the bathroom and bedroom there’s a lovely walk-in wardrobe: suits to one side, shirts to the other. It looks better and more organised than the average clothes shop, I’d say. And the sliding doors (to save space) have gorgeous flower motives.

What’s cooking in the kitchen?

It shows that the kitchen is a bit less his thing because less hi-tech, even thought the fridge beeps aggressively at you when you don’t close it properly, or leave the door open too long. The ceramic cooking plates also nag you with beeps if the potatoes boil over wetting the cooking surface.

Kitchen with funky tree design and espresso machine

Kitchen with funky tree design and espresso machine

There is a fancy expresso-machine and a one-does-all kitchen blender/chopper/mixer, but that you can find nowadays in most kitchens. And the pots and pans have detachable handles – apparently to save on space in the dishwasher (which also beeps when it’s finished).

  • Lots of fancy ideas, but I would tone down on the beeps ;-)
  • Do you have any funky gadgets/solutions in your house?

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