A bit of Asia travel stats

18 Jun
What does it take to travel Asia?

What does it take to travel Asia?

Did you ever wonder how much traveling in Asia costs? How many people you meet? What it takes to get there? How many borders you cross? What your trip is composed off?

For me it was: 126 days, 40000 km, 8 countries, 20 flights, 34kg luggage, 170 blogpages, 8 SIM cards, 8752 pictures, 10 currencies, 3x diarrhea, 6 books, 16 languages, 8500€,…

Here are some numbers

  • 8 countries (9 if you include changing planes in Germany)
  • 10 different currencies (including Euros that I exchanged)
  • 16 different languages (including English, French, German, Dtuch and Spanish which I spoke to locals or travelers)
  • 20 flights of which one was cancelled (there goes my carbon footprint – I better plant some trees)

    Taking (too) many flights, big and small

    Taking (too) many flights, big and small

  • 25 long distance buses (of which 1 crashed and 5 were night buses)
  • 3 train rides (of which 2 night trains) –  9 boat trips
  • probably about 40.000 km (that’s one time around the Earth)
  • 29 stamps in my passport (that’s why it has 30 pages)
  • 126 days of traveling – visiting 43 different cities/places
  • some of those cities twice or more: Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
  • 11 UNESCO world heritage sites
  • longest stay in one place: 10 days in Muang Ngoi (Laos)
  • shortest stay in one place: 4 hours in Baguio waiting for the bus to Banaue Rice Terraces (Philippines)
  • started with 17kg luggage in 2 bags – threw away about 4kg along the road – sent back home 5kg in different parcels – and ended up with 34kg in 3 bags on the way back
  • acquired 32 pieces of new clothing – half of it underwear and swimming briefs

    There's even time for reading in all of this

    There's even time for reading in all of this

  • read 6 books (Eat Pray Love, Horse Whisperer NL, Dalai Lama’s Road to Happiness NL, The Beach DE, Human Traces and Devil Wears Prada NL) – I hate reading translations though
  • took 8752 pictures and some movie clips
  • used 8 SIM cards = 8 different mobile phone numbers on my trip
  • wrote 170 pages on my blog viewed 18000 times
  • got 3 times diarrhea, took 29 malaria pills, got 2 new teeth and lost one, plus one visit to computer hospital
  • total cost 8500 € well worth it (1700€ for all the preparation, 1200€ worth of flights, and approximately 1000€/month or 35€/day to live a nice and comfortable life)

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